MEP Engineering Services & More

New York Engineers is a professional National MEP engineering firm, with a solid track record in the competitive construction industry of New York City. Our firm has been featured in the Inc. 5000 list, which includes the fastest-growing companies in America. Get a quote on your next MEP Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkler and Fire Protection Engineering services, as well as Building Condition Assessments & Commissioning, LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Engineering Design Reviews, and much more in less than 24 Hours

MEP Engineering

MEP engineering covers the design and specification of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The functions of MEP systems include air conditioning, space and water heating, ventilation, electricity supply, potable water, and fire protection. Being so important for building operation, MEP installations are covered by both national and local codes.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical systems include some of the largest devices found in modern buildings, such as air handling units, boilers, and chillers. These devices sustain suitable conditions for humans in built environments, controlling variables such as air temperature, humidity and water temperature. Some types of mechanical equipment also have key roles during emergencies, such as the booster pumps used with fire sprinklers.

Electrical Engineering

Electricity is the most efficient energy delivery method known by modern society, and for that reason, it is used to power many types of appliances and building systems. Electrical installations must be designed to deliver the correct voltage for each device while including protection measures to prevent electric shock or fire incident. Electrical engineers can also specify energy efficiency measures to reduce your power bills.

Architectural Engineering

Modern buildings can operate thanks to many underlying systems. Once the architect has designed the building appearance and layout based on client specifications, engineering principles must be applied to make the project possible. In addition to the architectural plans, project documents must include a structural design, and all the MEP systems required for building operation.

Construction Engineering

Having a good project design is very important, but you must also make sure the building is completed as specified. Construction engineers can help you achieve high performance from the technical standpoint while tracking progress to keep the project on time and within the planned budget.

Value Engineering

Building development is a business, and as a project developer, you expect to make a profit. The concept of value engineering consists of achieving as much as possible with the available project budget. Enhance your building functions without raising your budget, and reduce costs without affecting performance.

Fire Protection Engineering

A building is only safe if equipped with reliable fire protection systems. These include fire and smoke detectors, automatic and manual alarms, fire sprinklers and smoke purging systems. Fire protection engineering also covers systems that help firefighters, such as standpipes for fire trucks and auxiliary radio systems.

HVAC Engineering

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is a subfield of mechanical engineering. HVAC systems keep indoor conditions suitable for humans, even when the local weather reaches extreme temperatures. HVAC systems consume more energy than all other building equipment combined, but operate more efficiently when the equipment is properly sized. Performance can be enhanced by specifying high-efficiency equipment, and combining it with control systems.

New York Engineers can design optimal MEP systems for your building, achieving high performance and operating savings. Our MEP engineering services can also help you meet local building codes, while making sure your building systems are designed and installed safely.