HANAC Corona Senior Housing

It is a eight-story, 68-unit mixed-use building at 54-25 101st Street, a.k.a. 54-15 101st Street, in Corona. The latest building permits indicate the project will measure 56,700 square feet and rise 80 feet in height, not including the bulkhead.


NYE provided professional MEP/FP engineering consultation services for the renovation. The project consists of renovating the approximately 50,000 ft2 passive-house certified nursing home.


54-25 101st Street, Corona NY



Jack Esterson

Think! Architecture and Design



$ 81000



50000 ft2


Community Access | Bruckner Boulevard

New York Engineers provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering consultation services for construction on a 12-floor mixed use building.

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Lee Residence

Built in 1908, the Chelsea Mercantile was a “woolens building” where fabric was manufactured. Later becoming the Veterans Administration Building, post-World War II, it is now the beautiful and grand prestigious condominium “The Chelsea Mercantile.”

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