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Today's buildings have more electrical components than ever. From low to high voltage building systems, normal and emergency power, we have your solution.


Accurate Electrical Capacity

How much power do you need for your space? Engineers prepares electrical designs including lighting, receptacles, mechanical power, electrical riser diagrams, panel board schedules, specifications, and construction details. Designs are reviewed, signed, and sealed by a licensed professional electrical design engineer. This is everything needed for Landlord approvals, accurate construction cost bidding, upholding quality workmanship, and a smooth construction process.


Fast Turnaround Times

Complete rewiring of pre-war buildings is often necessary to support the modern conveniences we are accustomed to. We provide complete electrical designs for new buildings or renovations. This includes interfacing with Con Edison or the local utility company to provide new electrical service. We are especially familiar with interfacing with Con Edison.


Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance Costs

We also use Energy Modeling to estimate total energy usage with a breakdown to provide insight into what’s using the most energy in your building. Energy cost reduction systems such as solar panels, microturbines, diesel generators, natural gas generators, and cogeneration systems where applicable and financially beneficial on a case-by-case basis.

We have expertise in a wide range of electrical engineering projects.



National and State Codes and Standards

Our electrical engineers are highly familiarized with the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code and the Chicago Electrical Code, designing electrical installations that are safe and energy efficient. A reliable voltage supply is fundamental in modern built environments since many appliances and building systems rely on electricity as an energy input.

New Building and Renovation Electrical Design

Regardless of whether your project is a new building or a renovation, you must have a safe electrical installation of adequate capacity. Our engineers can specify code-compliant electrical systems from zero for new constructions, or they can identify the required modifications to existing electrical installations in renovation projects.

Electrical Lighting Design

We can design the optimal layout of lighting fixtures for your building, while specifying the most suitable fixture and lamp models for each application. Lighting requirements change depending on the intended purpose of each room, and we can help you achieve optimal lighting conditions with the lowest possible electricity consumption.

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