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Innovative Kiosk Design Solutions for Businesses

Kiosk Design Service

Increase visibility and reach more customers

Modern day customers are not satisfied with traditional ways of purchasing. They demand more interactive features and prefer self-service options over the human process. Kiosks are emerging as a preferred option to generate positive customer experiences and generate more sales.

Many companies have realized the needs and benefits of kiosks and integrating them in their operations. McDonald's plans to add self-ordering kiosks to 1,000 stores per quarter for the next few coming years. The kiosk industry in the US grew from $533.37 million in 2013 to $716.97 million in 2016. The amount is expected to cross $1.073 billion by the start of the next decade.

Your business can be losing out on customers if you don't adapt yourself to the changing trends. You need to fulfill your customer preferences in order to stay in business.

New York Engineers can help you design state-of-the-art interactive kiosks to engage your customers. We also handle traditional kiosk designs which utilize human labor for selling goods. No matter what type of kiosk you need, we have the experience and expertise to carry it out.

What Type of Kiosks do We Design?

Kiosk Design

New York Engineers can design a wide range of kiosks. Whether you want an unmanned kiosk or a check-in kiosk, we have the right people to design the solution.

Here are examples of a few types of kiosks we have developed for different businesses :

  1. Financial

The highest number of kiosks are still used by the financial industry. There are around 475,000 and 500,000 ATMs in the USA and the number is continuously rising. All of us have made withdrawals or deposits using ATM and know how they work. We can craft advanced financial kiosks design which enables your customers to carry out financial transaction on the go.

  1. Check-in

Automated kiosks are becoming more popular for checking-in into a hotel, for flights and doctor appointments. Check-in kiosks make it easy for the customer and reduce the waiting times. Multiple passengers in an airport can use touchscreen kiosks to check in and even print their boarding pass.

Patients can electronically check-in and use the kiosks to book an appointment with a doctor they want. Guests can easily check in into hotels without the need of dragging their luggage and waiting at the reception.

Automated kiosks make way for a quick and efficient check-in.

  1. Grocery or Retail Stores

Kiosks offer a fast check-out process for shoppers in grocery or retail stores. Customers can shop all they want and then use a self-servicing kiosk to scan and pay for the items. They don't need to wait in a long line or deal with a human cashier. The machines can even take payments in cards and other cashless methods.

The convenience has led to an increase in the number of kiosks in stores across the USA.

  1. Fast Food and Restaurants

Many restaurants and fast food outlets are using self-service kiosks to take orders from customers. Kiosks streamline the process of ordering and eliminate the need for human waiters. Restaurants can improve order accuracy and remove guest pain points using automated kiosks.

  1. Vending

We have come a long way from the vending machines that dispense soda cans. Now you can design a kiosk to sell virtually anything from books to headphones, and everything in between! Automated vending kiosks don't need human intervention and help you save money and effort.

  1. Ticketing

Businesses selling tickets are now turning to kiosks for efficiency and cost savings. The automated machines can issue and print tickets for concerts, museums, sports and also accept payment. You can keep the lines moving and make your customers happy with a ticketing kiosk.

  1. Receptionist

Reception kiosks enable businesses to streamline their lobbies in an affordable way. You can replace your human receptionist with an automated kiosk that provides all information and helps guest navigate their way.

Kiosks placed at lobbies can also help businesses and establishments to manage their visitors. The machines can print guest badges and even receive e-signatures from the guests.

  1. Map Directory

Kiosks are now used to find directions and places in tourist destinations. You can find them inside parks and amusement centers and offer sightseers a convenient way to locate attractions. Wayfinding kiosks can also be found on streets and contain a detailed map of the location.

Even campuses and universities can use them to guide new students to buildings and classrooms. They are also common in airports and display the distance and location of duty-free shops, toilets and more.

  1. Information Kiosks

Information kiosks are useful for delivering any type of information to the users. You don't need to appoint a human advisor as the machines can show any information you want. Information kiosks are ideal for places with high footfall like shopping districts and airports. They provide information about the local area and other useful details.

Information kiosks can be used by different industries. You can take their help to deliver tourist ad landmark information. They are ideal for showcasing catalogs and brochures to your customers and clients. You can also use them in events to display an exhibition list or the schedule of programs.

  1. Internet Kiosks

Internet kiosks are growing popular in public waiting areas like train stations, airports, hotel lobbies and museums. The sole purpose of internet kiosks is to offer paid or free internet connection to the public. The kiosks can also come with monitors, keyboard and mouse for accessing the internet.

Sometimes you will also be able to swipe credit cards and pay bills using internet kiosks.

  1. Advertising and Product Promotion

Advertisement kiosks are used by the retail industry to showcase or promote their products. You can also go for interactive kiosks which help potential customers engage with your products. The kiosks have a striking design and look to attract people who pass by them.

  1. Traditional Kiosks

Traditional kiosks are still popular and need a person to handle the transactions. They resemble small shops and can be used to sell products or run promotional campaigns. You can find them in a wide variety of locations like shopping malls, airports, sidewalks and parks.

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The Benefits of Kiosks for a Business

Kiosks have been increasing in popularity in recent years. It doesn't matter which industry you are from, kiosks can help your business to achieve new heights. Kiosks offer a number of benefits to businesses and are becoming a preferred solution.

You can also enjoy the benefits by going for a kiosk that suits your business. Let's check out how kiosks can help your company or brand.

  1. Increase Your Customers

Kiosks help you to reach more potential customers. You can place your kiosks in strategic locations which receive considerable footfall like malls and parking lots. More people interact with your kiosk which allows you to increase your customer base. In the end, your company can look forward to selling more products or services.

Kiosks are affordable and don't need you to make a big investment. They are ideal for expanding your reach and generating more sales. You can sell any type of product from a kiosk or provide information about your products. Kiosks are also perfect for generating curiosity among potential customers.

  1. Enhance Customer Buying Experience

Kiosks can help you provide an improved customer buying experience. You can provide detailed information on your products and services through kiosks. Customers also prefer to visit kiosks as they are more convenient. They can easily resolve their queries and perform product comparison. You can also help them with any information you want like product pricing.

Kiosks use the latest technology and generate confidence in your customers. The features boost their buying experience and create loyal customers for your brand. People are also more likely to refer you to others when they have a satisfactory experience.

  1. Cut Down Costs

Kiosks help you save money on various fronts. You don't have to pay rent for a kiosk in the way you pay for a traditional retail space. Kiosks also come with minimum overhead and operational expenses and help you increase your visibility.

Many kiosks are also unmanned and offer self-service options. So you don't need to pay any salary to a machine which saves more money. You can also program kiosks to provide your customers with information to resolve their buying queries.

The money saved can be spent on your marketing and sales professionals to increase your sales volume. 

  1. Advertising and Branding

Kiosks come with a strong potential for advertising and branding. We can design the exterior of a kiosk to display your company logo, tagline and color scheme. Kiosks also have displays which can present the brand message of your company. They are perfect to attract the attention of new and potential customers.

You can customize the message and display anything you want. The kiosks are also ideal for carrying out contests, displaying a new product and so on. You can portray your brand to more people through kiosks in an effective manner.

  1. Test New Products and Ideas

You can use a kiosk to test a new product and evaluate public reaction. They are also ideal for engaging customers through contests, giveaways and so on.

  1. Save Your Time

Kiosks can help you save time by assisting business operations. For example, many kiosks enable customers to place orders or pay for items without the need for human intervention. You can speed up the process and reduce waiting times by as much as 50%.

Your store can expect repeat and satisfied customers by offering them a streamlined service.

  1. Improve Accuracy

Kiosks are machines and don't make errors or mistakes like humans. You can increase accuracy and provide a positive experience to your customers by using a kiosk.

For example, kiosks can accept orders in restaurants effectively without any errors.  You can also speed up the process leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Kiosks are perfect solutions for your business to reach more customers and increase sales. We can design the perfect kiosk and help you reap increased benefits from the process.

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New York Engineers Kiosk Design Process

We have a 4-step creative process to design any type of kiosk you want.

  1. Gathering Requirements

We will need your help to determine what you exactly need from your kiosk. We may ask several questions to understand the scope of work and create the design brief.

  1. Concept Sketches

Our designers will develop several concept sketches to develop the basic theme and design of the kiosk. You can take a look at the sketches and tell us if anything needs to change.

  1. Computer Renderings

We will create a computer rendering of your kiosk using advanced designing solutions. The renderings come with full details like logo, graphics and anything discussed in the requirement gathering stage. We will also include all the features in the renderings as per discussion.

  1. Engineering

Our engineers will convert the renderings into CAD files so that you can proceed to the production stage.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers has designed hundreds of kiosks for different industries. Our team of designers and engineers help you design the ideal kiosk to meet your goals. We can incorporate your company logo, brand message or anything you want in the kiosk to attract customers.

We are the "go to" company for beautiful custom kiosk designs. Our creative designers have an amazing attention to detail and can create your kiosks the way you want them to look. We provide a quick turnaround time so that you can quickly switch to the manufacturing process.

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