New Gas Service

When do I need new gas services?

Are you in need of a larger gas service for your existing building? Planning a new building?

How do I apply for new gas services?

To enlarge your building's gas capacity or plan a new connection to Con Ed’s or National Grid’s gas utility, you must make a Professional Engineering Firm submit an application. NYE will perform a detailed site survey or plan review. NYE will estimate the gas load in accordance with utility standards. The gas meter room shall be ventilated properly and have required clearances. NYE will submit the complete application with plans and load letter to the utility company for approval.

Why should I choose NYE?

NYE are experts at working with Con Ed and National Grid. We have the fastest average turnaround from hired to approval in 1.2 months.

New Gas Service


Purchase Your New Gas Service Project

If you're interested or in need of new gas services, NYE offers a flat price of $1,500/gas service approval.

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