Stormwater Retention & Underground Detention Services

Site Connection (SC-1, HC-1)

When do I need sewer services?

Are you planning a new building? The Sewer filing approval is always a big pain for developers; it’s notoriously a very slow approval, affecting the whole project.

Why would I need a water retention or underground detention system?

Every new building must be connected to the city’s combined sewer system. To avoid overflowing the DEP’s wastewater treatment plants during heavy rainstorms, some amount of rainwater must be detained or retained on the building's site, not sent directly into the city’s sewer system.

How do I apply for a sewer filing?

The exact design in plan and section showing detention tanks (if needed) or blue roof detention with full calculations must be filed and approved with the DEP to connect your building to the city’s sewer. 

Why should I choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers are experts at preparing sewer filing (site connection) applications and have a 82% one-time approval rating. Our engineers are at the DEP on a daily basis. We have the fastest average turnaround from hired to approval in 2.6 months.

If you are interested or in need of sewer services, New York Engineers offers a flat price of $6,000/sewer service approval. Simply fill out the form on this page to get started.

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