Get Your Engineering Project Back On Budget Now.

progress-placeholderHave you already received construction bids on your project, and you're shocked at how far over budget they are? You are not alone. Once the reality of the budget hits this point, many projects face major delays or are canceled entirely.

NY Engineers offers a value engineering service to review drawings and bids. We will perform detailed analysis with our savvy engineers, and deliver new bids to you. We have valued and engineered over $50M out of MEP systems, and our code expertise reduces the MEP systems to a code minimum. Our fee is only 10% of the construction cost saved.

There is no risk to you; if we can't save your money, we will charge you nothing. For this Value Engineering Service, the minimum current MEP bid price is $200,000. All proposed value engineering will be taken out of the MEP systems. The architectural beauty of the space won't be compromised. All the money we save you will come from construction behind the walls.

Fill out the form on this page, and we'll begin immediately. We'll return value-engineered bids within 2 weeks.

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