Building Utility Info Loader

This form allows for querying NYC's "Energy and Water Data Disclosure for Local Law 84 2020 (Data for Calendar Year 2019)" database. The form loads and translates building utility information, either using the property's BBL number, address, or property name (searches are case sensitive).

Data loaded using this form should be verified with building utility consumption and gross square footage.

Please enter the BBL ID or Address or Property Name to load

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Loaded Building Data Summary for

The following info has been loaded from the NYC LL84 Database. Note that inputs should be verified by the building owner / stakeholder for accuracy.

  • Property Name: 1133
  • Property ID: 1151970
  • BBL ID (10 digit): 1009960029
  • NYC Building Identification Number (BIN): 1080824
  • Property Type 1 Area: 838075
  • Property Type 1: Office
  • Property Type 2 Area: Financial Office
  • Property Type 2: 118576
  • District Steam Use (kBtu): 20038496.7
  • Electricity Purchased From Grid (kBtu): 51939415.2

Default Utility Rate Information

This calculator provides default NYC utility rates as a convenience for contextualizing LL97 penalties as fractions of overall operating cost. These are "virtual" utility rates, equivalent to the total annual utility cost divided by the total annual consumption (i.e., $/kWh, $/therm, etc) for that fuel source.

Actual rates will vary according to individual rate structure, demand charges, and fluctuations in energy cost. The default rates shown below and used in the calculator are reflective of NYC averages for typical commercial buildings.

  • Electricity: $0.22/kWh
  • Natural Gas: $0.997/therm
  • District Steam: $35/MMBtu
  • Fuel Oil #2: $1.65/gal
  • Fuel Oil #4: $1.65/gal



Building Emissions Calculator for Local Law 97

You can use this calculator to estimate the carbon emissions penalty for your building under Local Law 97 of 2019. The calculator will ask for the area (square feet) and occupancy classification of your building, and also the usage of several energy sources - electricity, natural gas, steam, #2 fuel oil, and #4 fuel oil.

Based on your building data, the calculator will estimate the following values:

  1. The emissions limit for your building
  2. Your actual emissions, and by how much you exceed the limit
  3. Annual penalties under Local Law 97
  4. Your estimated energy costs per year
  5. The sum of your energy costs and LL97 penalties

These values will be provided for two penalty periods: 2024-2029 and 2030-2034. Since the NYC Department of Buildings has not published a calculation procedure for 2035 and later, the calculator will not estimate emissions beyond 2034. We will update the page as the NYC DOB provides new information, and also if there are changes to LL97.

How to Use the LL97 Calculator

To estimate carbon emissions and LL97 penalties for your buildings, follow these steps:

  1. Input your building’s floor area in square feet, and select the occupancy group for the drop-down list.
  2. If your building is divided into several occupancy classifications, you can specify up to four - each with the corresponding area.
  3. Input your annual energy consumption by source: electricity (kWh), natural gas (therm), steam (Mlb), #2 fuel oil (gal), and #4 fuel oil (gal). If an energy source is not used by your building, leave the consumption value blank.
  4. The calculator uses default energy prices, but you can input the actual prices charged to the building.

Based on this information, the calculator will estimate your annual energy costs and LL97 penalties. It will also provide a breakdown of your energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs - by source and per square foot. Building emissions are calculated in metric tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2-e).


This calculator is designed to estimate building emissions and LL97 penalties for your buildings. However, its purpose is informational, and it has not been developed as a compliance tool.

Actual emissions can vary depending on building conditions, and calculator procedures can also be changed if New York City decides to modify or update LL97.

LL97 also provides other compliance paths, such as purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs). These options are not considered by the calculator.

NYC LL97 Building Carbon Emissions Calculator

Estimated Carbon Emission
Threshold: 0 tCO2e/yr
Est. Penalty: $
Threshold: 0 tCO2e/yr
Est. Penalty: $
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Estimated Building Breakdown
  • Cost
  • Energy
  • Carbon
Electricity Gas Steam Fuel Two Fuel Four
Estimated Annual Cost
  • 2024-2029
  • 2030-2034
  • $0/yr
  • $0/yr
Utility Cost ($) Estimated Penalty ($)