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Construction projects are fast-paced, and even a single day's delay can mean huge cost overruns. Our Rapid Design Process is flexible and agile. Our MEP engineering design turnaround time is 50% faster than anyone else in the industry.

Zero Change

Order Guarantee

To eliminate the cost and disruption of construction change orders on your project, New York Engineers applies strict quality control to produce clear, easily priced and built designs. When working with one of New York Engineers' certified contractors, we even offer a Zero Change Order Guarantee.

80% First-Time


An active feedback loop ensures all opportunities for improvement are captured in our master templates to assure your project goes from engineering design to built in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible. We have the highest first-time approval on our designs: 80%.

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Your MEP Engineering Partner


It's hard enough to design the architecture for the project. Your day shouldn't be filled managing the consultants while also co-coordinating their work. We know you want to minimize MEP space and achieve higher ceilings. Our proactive nature means we present these opportunities to you. Our trades are coordinated by us -- not you -- freeing your time up. Beautiful high performing buildings are designed by integrating architecture and engineering. New York Engineers is your MEP designing partner to make your vision become a reality.

Developers and Building Managers

When the development feasibility pro forma is created, all numbers in the project plan must be held to, no matter what. Design, approvals, bidding, and construction time is always at risk of sliding. Along with time, construction cost must be hit on budget. We offer the fastest engineering design and approval times, and we have value engineered over $50M of construction cost out of designs. New York Engineers is your partner to keep your project on time and on budget.



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"I just want to tell you how highly I think of Jahnavi. She was in a meeting today with the client and commanded the room, was totally informed, and very helpful in moving the process forward to conclusion."

Jack-Esterson Jack Esterson, Principal, Think! Architecture and Design

"Thanks NY Engineers for all of the efforts over the past 2 years on a difficult project. Our experience with your firm on the NHA Riverton Project was a very positive one. We came into the project unfamiliar with all of the New York City requirements and processes. Chris Delaney was incredibly helpful and patient along the way. Without his guidance, we would have certainly stumbled. Utilizing your firm's talents on this project was, in hindsight, the way to go. Simply put...Thank you!"

Steve Pyrkosz Stephen Pyrkosz, Project Manager, Bergmann Associates

"New York Engineers is very dynamic and responsive....10 stars!"

Paul-Bauer Paul Bauer, Principal, Dattner Architects

"The way we work together, the way they overcome challenges, and the way they deliver impresses me more than other engineers, and I'm one of them!"

Silviu-Herscher Silviu Herscher, Director of Capital Infrastructure, The New School

"LOVE that you’re up and after it at 1 am."

Daniel Wise, Developer

"Thanks very much for the quick turnaround."

Justin Stern, Partner, Manatus Development Group

"Great working with you on the Pepsi Project."

Roland-Udenze_48x48 Roland Udenze, Project Leader, Haskell Company

"Thank you Jahnavi and team for all of your dedication and hard work on this important project for HANAC and the Corona Community."

John-Napolitano John Napolitano, Director of Capital Projects, HANAC

"Things went well, and I want to restate how much I appreciate the Herculean effort your team provided to finish up by today!"

Murray-Levi Murray Levi, Principal, MTA Artchitects

"We continue to value the high levels of service and response that NY Engineers delivered on this project and the others that we've accomplished with NY Engineers. We feel strongly that NY Engineers helped to make this project a success, and open on time. As issues arrive on exterior exhaust, etc.; NY Engineers also was able to provide guidance as our contractor responded to field concerns"

Doug-Diefenbach Senior Director, Ethan Allen Global, Inc.

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