To be the trailblazers in the Construction Engineering industry by being fast and adaptable to the changing needs


Drama Free Service
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  • 80% first time approval
  • 50% faster turnaround
  • Zero Change Order


We are one of the fastest growing MEP design firms in the construction industry. We have worked with more than 200+ leading franchise brands & completed over 2000+ projects across multiple sectors. We pride ourselves on having a fast turnaround while providing cost effective solutions. We are licensed in 50 states and are your one stop shop for all MEP design needs.



  • The Beginning

    The company started off with a small team of talented engineers

  • Went Nationwide

    We started doing major projects in hospitality & medical sector

  • Licenses in all 50 states

    We got licensed in 50 states and worked in 44 states!

  • Completed 2000+ projects nationwide

    A milestone was hit!

  • Trailblazing the Franchise Industry

    We pride ourselves with the fastest turnaround in the industry and being associated with more than 90+ brands in a short span.


The Team


Anuj Srivastava

Anuj is the managing principal for all our projects..

Anuj recently became a father and is enjoying being a girl dad. In his free time you will find him on a tennis court or completing his weekly laps in the pool.
Anuj brings in a unique blend of management and technical expertise to the projects from this 12+ years in the industry.
Anuj has completed multi million dollar projects and some of the smallest franchise projects also.

Is Anuj your guy?

Anuj ensures everything runs smoothly at NY Engineers. He is our problem solver be it technical or anything under the sun that we need!

Franchise Brand Manager

Keith Fink

Keith is all things related to our project portfolio, brands and all things you need to know before we start your project..

Happily married for 14 years with 2 beautiful children. You can often find him on a soccer field with his son, or doing flips with his daughter on the gymnastics floor.
Keith brings close to 20 years of successful sales, customer service, and management experience in multiple fields.
Keith specialzes in Construction, and MEP Engineering.

Is Keith your guy?

Responsible for ensuring that we deliver the right solutions to your inbox day in and day out. Keith is your guy to answer all questions on pricing, timelines, and connecting you to the right team when you state your requirement.

Project Manager

Ankit Javeri

Ankit is the technical genius for all our projects. He has been a part of the core team since inception & exudes all qualities of being an NY Engineers engineer..

Married for 5 years and has a beautiful little munchkin who he loves to spoil. We secretly know that his love for cricket transcends sleep.
Has over 9 years of engineering experience in the MEP field.
Ankit specializes in Franchise projects and has been a part of more than 1000 projects till date.

Is Ankit your guy?

Responsible for all our Franchise projects and now venturing into other verticals. Whether you want to get started on a project or have a question about our project management, he is your guy! Chances are, he will solve your query in 5 mins flat.


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