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Photometric Analysis

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Photometric assessments and analysis are among the most comprehensive and precise approaches in lighting projects of large scale. We at NYE measure the spectral distribution along with the flux or “point by point" intensity to prepare the layout.

Precise Assessment for Each Fixture

Our technical experts at NY Engineers will provide you with complete assessment and evaluations for each fixture and how much light it is going to provide. We use diagramming software to develop a 3D rendering of your entire facility in real-time.

Tackle With Potential Safety Problems

Our experts will provide you with all the information on any safety concerns if there are any after the 3D rendering. Some areas might need more or less lighting. Our team will find out such areas that require your emphasis.

Reduce Operating Costs

Reducing the operating costs is one of the primary concerns for our professionals. We provide you with solutions on how to limit them without compromising on lighting quality.

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Experts in Photometric Analysis
Commercial Photometric Solutions 
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Whether you are a small business or have a large public facility to run, NY Engineers can handle your photometric problems. With assistance from our technical crew, you can get all the information on how much light do you need for your facility.

Our engineering staff will provide you with all the necessary information before you start considering the process of installing a lighting system. Therefore, this information will enable you to know exactly what amount of light will be needed for a certain portion of your facility so you can plan your budget accordingly.

Our technical professionals will also guide you in determining the location and amount of light for emergency exits as well. This will enable you to stay under the rules and regulations of the Chicago Building Code. 

Modeling Services

One of the biggest advantages of hiring NY Engineers is that we don’t believe in wasting time and money of our clients. We work on different types of drawings with minor details that focus on the amount of space between different fixtures along with a list of all the fixtures.

We develop these drawings for your assistance and of course to save time and money. Hence, these drawings will provide you with all the information on how many fixtures you will need in different areas and what should be the ideal amount of space in between them.

Our Expertise

NY Engineers have been around for a long time and this has allowed us to develop collaborations with different lighting experts in the field. This means that we are able to provide you with all the information on different rates and prices of lights that you can use in your spaces. Moreover, our professionals and modeling experts will mention these rates within the drawings.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages of using photometric analysis is that it can drive costs down significantly. 3D rendering the results from software allows you to gauge the amount of light that you will need in each corner of your space. You can alter the model in all dimensions and for this reason; you can easily reduce or increase the amount of light within that 3D model.

Furthermore, it allows you to effectively plan for your lighting project without increasing the costs. Therefore, it is more than just finding the right amount of space between different fixtures. Most of the commercial and residential buildings now use photometric rending assessment before they install the lighting fixtures. We at NY Engineers can also run this test for you and provide you with all the minor details before you go for the fixture procurement.

Our lighting engineers will provide you with all the available options with which you can improve the light conditions in a particular space of your facility. This way you are planning ahead of your project both in terms of budget and time.

Why Choose Our Photometric Analysis?
  • Mandatory obligation : Adequate light in all sections of space is a mandatory requirement set by the Chicago Building Code. Therefore it is critically important that you follow the rules set by the code and meets all the photometric requirements in your facility.
  • Highly Efficient : If you go for a full photometric assessment then it is going to be a significant contributor in reducing your overall costs. You will exactly know how much light you need in certain parts of your space and will decide what kind of fixture will go there to meet the light requirements. This will also enable you to save a lot of costs in the end.
  • Emphasize on certain areas according to requirements : Such an assessment will allow you to understand and determine the sections where you need light the most. It also allows you to keep the amount of light low on other low priority areas and save cost while keeping the regulations under check.
  • Highly customized and cost-effective : One of the biggest advantages of hiring a photometric assessment service is that you will be saving a lot in the end. Despite the fact that all the services in this evaluation are highly customized, the opportunity to save is immense. Different facilities have different light requirements and these requirements vary in terms of preferences and functionality too. However, despite being tailored in nature a photometric assessment service will end up saving a lot for you.
  • Before you purchase the fixtures : You can go for this assessment before you buy the fixtures to install in your facility. Our engineers can assist you in planning ahead for your project.
  • Going for new installations : If you are going for the new installation then you will need to go for this assessment. This test will clarify any ambiguities associated with how much light will be required in certain spaces of a facility. Using this study will enable you to eliminate any guesswork and execute the best plan for your project.
The Chicago Building Code Lighting Requirement
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One of the primary reasons why the building code has intervened in this specific area is to reduce energy consumption. The government has now regulated that the building should not exceed a certain amount of lighting and reduces the consumption of energy. To meet the requirements set by the Chicago Building Code all construction projects must adhere to these lighting rules. Moreover, the building code closely aligns with the Energy Code to enable the building in the country to reduce their energy footprint.  

Therefore, a photometric test can prove to be very beneficial here. You can only focus on a certain amount of light in different areas where it is required. It will not only prevent you from breaking the code but will also allow you to save your facilities utility costs. With photometric testing, you can easily develop different scenarios and test different light conditions in various spaces.

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Common Applications of Photometric Analysis Services

Although NYE uses this photometric assessment for your entire facility, there are certain areas and regions where it is needed the most and these include:

  • Parking lots
  • Courts for different sports including baseball, tennis, volleyball, cocker, and basketball.
  • Different warehouses that have T5 HO lamps installed.
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • The wall packs that are on the external side of a building,
  • Pool areas
  • Walkways
  • Analysis of light trespass
  • The projects that want to reduce energy consumptions
  • Budgeted and regulated projects to keep light outputs in check.
  • Projects involving dark sky compliance
A Substitute for Multiple Contractors

One of the biggest reasons why your project cost increases is your choice of going for multiple contractors. Multiple contractors will increase the cost significantly because they vary in charges. Furthermore, hiring so many services for a single project is going to jeopardize your entire project.

Another disadvantage here is that you have to take care of different parties at the same time.  In most cases, one of the biggest reasons why you should not go for multiple contractors for photometric assessments is that they can adversely impact your project scheduling as well.

The team of technical experts at NY Engineers will ensure that your project moves along swiftly. NY Engineers have been in this field for long enough to understand that making mistakes not only waste the client’s time but ours too. All of our engineers have plenty of experience and they can drive your engineering costs by up to 75% with their technical skills and knowledge.

Therefore, preventing remodeling and design errors are at the heart of our business. We are able to achieve all this by effectively communicating with our clients. Our teams of experts also collaborate with each other extensively to keep things aligned with the proposed plan. Moreover, it enables our professionals to utilize all the available resources in an effective manner.

NYE Help You Comply With Local Code and Save Resources

Going for photometric assessment will allow you to save a lot of your time and money. Furthermore, you will be able to adhere to all the legal requirements of your building set by the Chicago Building code as well.

However, there are a couple of points that you need to keep in mind. Even a slightest of the mistakes in the 3D rendering that the photometric soft provides can result in significant cost hikes. Hence, you need to hire professional services with plenty of experience in this field.

The engineers at NYE have years of experience of working with this software. In fact, we are one of the few early providers of this service to the clients. Our engineers will provide you with all the details associated with the light conditions as well as the cost of fixtures that your project will feature.

Essentially, you will get all the information that you need before you invest in your fixtures. We at NY Engineers provide our clients with highly accurate results. Accuracy is our primary motive because we don’t believe in making mistakes and wasting the valuable time of our clients.

You can hire our services today and get a photometric assessment of your building. It will eradiate any extra costs and will keep the entire lighting system of your building working at an optimum level.

Importance of a Quality Photometric Analysis
Photometric Analysis-05

We at NY Engineers understand what the importance of a good quality photometric assessment is. Our team of technical professionals ensures that they provide the best solutions to our clients that have to deal with various lighting issues. They keep their focus on delivering exceptional service so that your facility meets all the mandatory requirements and stays safe without consuming too much energy.

Starting from the initial stage of the assessment involving drawings and models all the way to the implementation, our lighting technicians will guide you through all the cost implications. This will allow you to keep an eye on your budget. Furthermore, our lighting engineers ensure that they provide you with all the information on the quality standards that are directly linked with lighting fixtures so your entire light network remains long lasting and cost efficient.

We at NYE make sure that our clients get all the services under one roof. You can rely on the expertise of our engineers to manage the entire projects with efficiency. Over time NY Engineers have developed a long-lasting relationship with different companies involved in light manufacturing. You will also get a direct quote from us for all the fixtures that you will need in your entire facility.   

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