Solar PV System Design

Solar power systems are subject to building codes and other design requirements, like any electrical installation. This includes calculating the optimal generation capacity and solar panel layout for your building, designing a suitable racking system, and specifying the inverters and other electrical components. Before the installation can proceed, the design must also be approved by the local building department and your utility company.

Save on Power Bills

A solar photovoltaic system can generate electricity all year long, reducing your building’s power bills and operating costs.

Cut Your Emissions

Solar panels produce zero emissions when generating power, reducing the environmental footprint of your building.

Qualify for Financial Incentives

Solar power systems get a federal tax credit in the US, and there may be additional incentives depending on your location.

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Solar PV System: Our Design Process


1. Site Assessment

Before offering a detailed solar PV system design, NY Engineers can inspect your site and analyze the technical and financial feasibility of the project.

2. Power Bill Analysis

Your solar power system is designed based on the electricity consumption profile of your building. Don’t pay for an oversized installation.

3.  Solar PV Simulation

Using the latest design software, we simulate the energy output and savings of your solar power system, based on the exact sunlight conditions of your site.

4.  Code Compliant Design

Our solar experts are familiarized with building code requirements and regulations for photovoltaic systems throughout the US.

5. Solar PV Equipment Selection

NY Engineers will compare the performance of various solar panel and inverter models, finding the best option for your building.

6.  Racking System

We design safe and reliable racking systems for solar panels on rooftops and canopies, and also ground installations.

7.  Detailed Construction Documents

Get all the information needed for a quick installation: solar panel layouts, equipment schedules, connection details, electrical riser diagrams, racking systems details, etc.

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Get the Complete Solar Design Package


1. Solar Array Layout

Get an overhead view of your property, showing the exact areas that will be covered by solar panels. These are selected based on the available sunlight and other site conditions.

2. PV Simulation Results

NY Engineers will simulate the annual and monthly electricity output of your solar panel system, allowing an accurate calculation of your power bill savings over time.

3. Electrical Riser Diagram

Our electrical riser diagrams are intuitive and highly detailed, making them a very useful tool for both contractors and maintenance departments.

4. PV Equipment Schedule

All solar components are labeled and described clearly, and their locations can be easily identified in construction drawings.

5. Mounting Details

Our design engineers are familiarized with different types of penetrating and ballasted mounts for solar panels, and they can specify the best option for your project.

6. Technical Specifications

NY Engineers will provide specification sheets and manufacturer data for solar panels, inverters, racking systems, and all other equipment specified in your project.

7. Solar Incentive Applications

We complete all the documentation needed to qualify for solar rebates, grant programs, zero-interest / low-interest loans, and any other incentives available in your location.

8. Design Approval and Construction Permits

Our experienced engineers can get quick approval from your local building department and utility company, and their corresponding permits.

9. Project Budget

NY Engineers can calculate a detailed budget, based on the latest solar component prices and skilled labor rates. With accurate cost data, you can avoid overpriced offers.

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Advantages of a Solar Design from NY Engineers


1. Optimal Generation Capacity

Install the ideal solar power capacity for your building. Undersized systems cannot achieve maximum savings, while oversized systems bring additional costs with zero or minimal return.

2. Financing Experts In-House

NY Engineers can obtain low-interest or even zero-interest loans for your solar installation. You can go solar for $0 upfront and pay over time with power bill savings.

3. Claim Solar Grants and Rebates

Our solar experts can also help you qualify for grant programs, energy rebates, and other incentives that reduce your project costs directly.

4. Quick Design Approval

Our project designs have an 80% first-time approval rate and a 50% faster turnaround. 

5. MEP and Energy Experts

NY Engineers offers the full range of energy and engineering services for your building projects, not only solar designs.

6. Project Management Services

We also offer construction administration services, and we partner with qualified solar contractors who offer professional installations.

7. Financial Analysis

Our services go beyond the technical aspects: We analyze the financial performance of your solar power project, calculating key metrics like the net present value and internal rate of return.

8. Regional Expertise

The NY Engineers team has designed solar power systems in several states, and we can work with the building codes and regulations of any local government.

9. Technology

We design high-performance solar power systems, combining technical expertise with the latest design and simulation software.

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