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Today's buildings have more electrical components than ever. From low to high voltage building systems, normal and emergency power, we have your solution.


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Fast Turnaround Times

Our design process is flexible and agile, allowing us to have turnaround times faster than anyone else in the industry.

Accurate Electrical Capacity

We determine how much electricity you can use in your space, so you can ensure proper sign-offs for your project.

Low Maintenance Cost

Because we don't over-engineer any of our systems, you can be confident your electrical system isn't over-using energy, lowering the costs to maintain these systems overtime.

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Electrical Engineering Services

At , we provide engineering design and management services for major industrial, commercial, residential and retail projects in New York, other parts of the US, including New Jersey and Chicago, as well as internationally. These engineering services include electrical engineering services, mechanical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, value engineering, energy modeling, building commissioning, CAD to Revit modeling and BIM services, construction administration, utility filings and engineering reports. Electrical Engineering - an integral part of MEP specialism. We are established in the field of electrical engineering. When you hire , you hire an established engineering firm with years of experience in electrical engineering working with the best people, technology and processes in the industry and specific MEP expertise.

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Our Electrical Engineering Services

As an organisation we have provided electrical engineering services during the last decade, mostly in New York, but also in other parts of the US, such as New Jersey and Chicago as well as internationally, including for major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government and non-profit projects and environmentally certified assets. ’s team has provided a specialist electrical engineering design and management service during the last two decades.

Electrical engineering design

At we offer a quality electrical engineering design service for all stages of a construction or building services project to meet fast turnover times, accurate electrical capacity and achieve low maintenance costs.

Our electrical engineering designs include floor plans, diagrams, schedules, equipment, specifications and construction details relating to electrical equipment, cables, and switches other related fittings and accessories. These are all reviewed, signed and sealed by a licensed professional electrical design engineer.

We often provide electrical engineering design services for HVAC projects.


Best Electrical Engineering Services In The US

Panel Board schedules generate critical information for electrical engineers to size conduits, conductors and control systems.

At our professionals develop panel board load schedules during the design stage using software to perform different calculations with the future in mind allowing room for projectable additional load.

We provide a specialist panel board scheduling service to:

  • assess the adequacy of overload and placing various other protection systems within a building.

Electric Load Letters are assessments of the adequacy of power for electrical equipment and are often required by landlords.

can prepare a free electric load letter to give you confidence to sign a commercial lease.

We offer a free electric load letter preparation service to:

  • ensure your commercial space will work inside their properties.

Switchgear refers to the range of switches and circuit breakers used in an electric power system to control, regulate and switch electrical circuits on and off.

At our electrical engineers can design how to control a circuit and enable switchgear to protect and isolate electrical equipment from the power supply, enabling testing, maintenance and fault clearing work to be undertaken.

We provide a switchgear design service to:

  • safeguard your facility and the IT equipment, reduce cost, meet demands and provide customized switchgear designs that will increase the productivity of your facility

Electrical lighting designs are required to improve efficiency, save unnecessary expense and maximise functional and aesthetic effect.

At our lighting design experts use a structured design approach that identifies specific client needs and lighting system requirements, such as the need to avoid glare or task or focus lighting, and interaction with daylight.


We provide a specialist lighting design service to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and enhance functionality and aesthetics and contribute to enhanced worker productivity.

Emergency generator systems are required to provide a back-up electrical supply from the local electric utility company suffers an interruption and can be either emergency power systems required by law or standby power systems, which may be either optional or required by law.

can design and specify standby power systems and emergency power systems for variety of sectors, including for domestic or commercial applications.

We provide an emergency generator design and specification service to ensure our clients are not left without backup power even for a short amount of time as the consequences can be significant. In commercial locations, there is a financial benefit from owning a generator as they allow business continuity even when there is no power supply.

Main or sub distribution boards or panels are part of an electrical power distribution system by which electrical energy is transmitted via branches to reach end users.

At have an experience electrical engineers able to safely design main or sub distribution board arrangements, with sheet metal enclosures, circuit breakers and a dead front; preventing circuit breaker operators from contacting live electrical parts within. 

We provide an expert main or sub distribution boards or panel design service to provide safe installations.

With submetering, or direct metering, individual energy usage can be controlled, instead of the single-point, utility-owned power meter.

At our licensed professional electrical engineers can assist in facilitating  sub-metering or direct metering by shifting to off-peak times. 

We provide a submetering design service to support green initiatives, reduce operating costs and streamline facility management.

New building electrical design needs to be optimised to avoid faults, facilitate worker efficacy or user comfort. It requires fast-track operation and can benefit from BIM enhanced design.

cover new building electrical design from inception to handover, with skilled proficiency and expert electrical knowledge and provides a thorough assessment of electrical design to suit any given construction project. Accounting for all critical factors such electrical supply and tapping line access and including switchgear, panel board schedules and electric riser diagrams, checking it via our BIM service through clash detection and testing it through our commissioning service.

We provide a new building electrical design service to complement our range of electrical design services to assist with gaining expedient approval from the Department of Buildings.

For more information on our BIM service see: BIM services.

Renovation electrical design, like new build electrical design,needs to be optimised to avoid faults, facilitate worker efficacy or user comfort. It requires fast-track operation and can benefit from BIM enhanced design.

 electrical engineering team will scan a building, assess the electrical system and then survey and access ceilings, walls and floors to determine the field condition and locate the existing electrical components.

We provide a renovation electrical design service with a fast turn around time, with a hands-on approach to achieve cost-savings.

For more information on our BIM service see: BIM services.

Branch Wiring Design involves mapping electrical wires from overhead utility line or underground feeder wires, to a distribution panel board, and individual branch circuits to standard lighting and major appliance circuits, including circuit breakers, and designing as necessary ensure codes are met.

 can carry out code-compliant branch wiring design for new build or renovation projects. including material specification, wire colour disparity, voltage rating and wire gauges.

For the former this can include lighting and power layouts, calculating total voltage load against wattage output to obtain the amperage needed for each circuit, and inputting a demand load factor to avoid oversaturating the circuit, For the latter they can determine the reusable branch wiring.

For operative performance, energy efficiency and integrative design, mechanical power design increasingly need to overlap with electrical engineering.

At we can harness our expertise in these two fields to convert electricity to mechanical power.

We provide a specialist mechanical power design service to complement our range of electrical design services.

For more information on our wider range of mechanical engineering services see: mechanical engineering services.

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We offer electrical engineering design services for all types of buildings.  A well-designed electrical installation is a cornerstone for many other building systems, including air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, communication networks, lighting and office equipment. Our electrical design engineers can specify an installation that delivers the power required by your building while operating safely and meeting the applicable building codes.

Since electricity prices in New York are among the highest in the country, energy efficiency can yield a very attractive return on investment. We can identify the most promising measures to reduce your power bills while conducting a feasibility analysis for on-site generation solutions such as solar photovoltaic systems.


Electrical engineering management

provides electrical engineering management services to combine solve electrical engineering problems and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises.

We often provide electrical engineering management services for HVAC projects.

Our electrical engineering management services are overseen by licenced electrical engineers.

Construction administration

For more information on our electrical engineering service related to contract administration, see: contract administration service.

Utility filings

For more information on our electrical engineering service related to utility filings, see: utility filing service.

Engineering reports

For more information on our electrical engineering service related to engineering reports, see: engineering report service.

Value engineering

For more information on our electrical engineering service related to value engineering, see: value engineering service.

Building commissioning

For more information on our electrical engineering service related to building commissioning (and building condition assessments), see: building commissioning service.

Our electrical engineering service benefits

Through our efficient team, updated technology and efficient processes, we provide you with high quality, cost effective electrical engineering services with the following benefits:

  • Accurate information with data security
  • Comprehensive data and information with attention to detail
  • Smooth communication
  • Timely and cost-effective process
  • Professional data and information delivery

Find out more about our electrical engineering projects

Learn more about our electrical engineering projects in major manufacturing, commercial (office, restaurant and retail), hotels, healthcare, education, government, non-profit, residential and/or retail sectors)

Through offering our electrical engineering service offering across all sectors we strive to ensure:
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Accurate electrical capacity

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