Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Services

prepares custom HVAC system solutions tailored to your needs, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing construction cost.


Mechanical - HVAC Engineering


Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures.


We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

Built to Last

All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Services

has provided Mechanical - HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design and management services during the last decade to owners, civil engineers, architects, industrial businesses and local, state, and federal government agencies.

We have broad experience in collaborating with other construction project stakeholders on major industrial, commercial, residential, and retail projects in New York, and other parts of the US, including New Jersey and Chicago, as well as internationally.

When you hire, you hire an established MEP engineering firm with years of experience in mechanical - HVAC engineering and work with the best people, technology, and processes in the industry.

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Mechanical - HVAC Engineering - an Integral Part of MEP Specialism.

Mechanical - HVAC Engineering - an integral part of MEP specialism.

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We are specialists in the field of mechanical - HVAC engineering, electrical engineering and plumbing (MEP). Our MEP engineering services include many building services engineering services, being: mechanical - HVAC engineering services, electrical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, value engineering services, energy modeling services, building commissioning services, CAD to Revit modeling services, BIM services, construction administration services, utility filing services and engineering report services.

Expert mechanical - HVAC engineering services – delivered by a qualified team

As an organisation our mechanical - HVAC engineering team has provided expert mechanical - HVAC engineering services during the last decade to owners, civil engineers, architects and industrial businesses and local, state and federal government agencies. The team is highly qualified in its field, delivers best practice, while active in professional communities relating to the domain, and positively influencing the development of mechanical - HVAC engineering building codes.

Our clients’ mechanical - HVAC engineering projects are mostly located in , as well as internationally.

They include major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government and non-profit projects, and many are environmentally certified assets.

Meeting a Range of Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Needs

’ team of qualified mechanical - HVAC engineers is experienced in providing a range of mechanical - HVAC engineering services for multiple types of mechanical - HVAC engineering design project to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector that you need assistance with. Our mechanical - HVAC engineering services team works closely with the qualified plumbing engineering team as well as our other engineering service teams to assist in achieving the following:

  • Graphical and non-graphical information delivery

Our experienced and qualified team of mechanical - HVAC engineering project designers, technicians and managers can utilize the latest technology and processes, to design, manage and deliver 2D and 3D drawings and comprehensive graphical and non-graphical design and information, including BIM services and energy modeling for your mechanical engineering project, as required at any point during the project lifecycle, from inception through to completion, commissioning and beyond.

  • US occupational safety and health administration compliance

Our team can establish a mechanical - HVAC engineering process safety management program and perform mechanical - HVAC engineering process hazard analysis for occupational safety and health compliance.

  • Information management certification (ISO19650)

Our team can streamline file and suitability naming, status and revision codes, drive Common Data Environment workflow processes and maintain shared and published IP for compliant, auditable mechanical - HVAC engineering information management and ISO19650 certification.

  • Environmental management certification (1SO14001)

Our team can the control environmental management processes of mechanical - HVAC engineering project lifecycle through a “Plan, Check, Do, Review, Improve” cycle. This helps achieve ISO14001 certification through error correction, management, reviewing and continually finding ways to improve an environmental management system and reduce the project carbon footprint of a project.

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification

Our team can contribute information and data relating to mechanical engineering to assist in achieving LEED certification for your project whether related to fundamental or enhanced commissioning.

  • Quality certification (1SO9001)

Our team can assist you in checking your quality management system with regards to mechanical engineering needed to achieve ISO 9001 certification, highlighting any areas of deficiency and potential improvement.

  • Government Department of Buildings approvals
  • Landlord approvals
  • MEP or construction services cost bidding

The 4 core steps of all mechanical engineering services are:

  1. Project planning (consultation and quotation)
  2. Mechanical engineering (including CAD drafting, CAD to BIM conversion, and energy modeling as required)
  3. Project reviews
  4. Project delivery (multiple formats available)

Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Management

Construction AdministrationGood construction administration ensures proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout a project lifecycle and the contractor's progress monitored to achieve compliance with contract documents.

At we have proven experience of efficiently administrating engineering-related construction across a variety of construction sectors, and also in meeting building commissioning needs relating to mechanical engineering.

We provide specialist construction administration services to ensure mechanical - HVAC engineering projects run smoothly throughout the construction process and contractual compliance achieved.

For more information on our mechanical engineering service related to construction administration, see: construction administration services.

Timely regulatory utility filings are required for new water, sewer, electric, or gas service connections.

At N we are widely experienced in the design and preparation of regulatory utility filings for timely delivery.

As such we provide specialist mechanical - HVAC engineering utility filing services for:

  • Water utilities
  • Sewer utilities
  • Electric utilities
  • Gas utilities

For more information on our mechanical - HVAC engineering service related to utility filings, see: utility filing service.

HVAC PumpA wide variety of technical engineering reports can be required to be produced during an engineering project, often as part of a regulatory approval or certification process. Typically, a technical engineering report includes research about technical engineering concepts, graphical depictions of engineering designs and data and follows a strict organization.

At have ample experience of undertaking mechanical - HVAC engineering reports, including for regulatory approval or certification purposes.

As such, we provide specialist mechanical - HVAC engineering report services including:

  • report research
  • report writing
  • report editing

For more information on our mechanical - HVAC engineering service related to technical engineering reports, see: engineering reports.

Value engineering is an integral part of a value management activity. It is a systematic method to improve the value of goods or products and services by examining function and considering options. Value is defined as the ratio of function to cost.

At we are experienced in value engineering as part of a wider value management remit.

As such we provide specialist mechanical - HVAC engineering valuation engineering services as required relating to:

  • Value Management: we provide a full range of value techniques.
  • Value Planning: we provide value techniques applied during project planning phases, including drawing reviews
  • Value Engineering: we provide value techniques applied during project design or ‘engineering’ phases, including bid reviews
  • Value Analysis: we provide value techniques applied retrospectively to completed projects to analyse or audit project performance.

For more information on our mechanical - HVAC engineering service related to value management, see: value engineeringservice.

Building commissioning is the professional practice that ensures assets are delivered according to the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR).

At we have wide experience of ensuring mechanical - HVAC engineering related assets are delivered according to OPR alongside mechanical engineering construction administration procedures.

For more information on our mechanical - HVAC engineering service related to building commissioning (and building condition assessments), learn more about our building commissioning service.

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Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Design

At we offer a quality mechanical - HVAC engineering design service (including 2D CAD, CAD conversion, CAD to BIM conversion, BIM modeling, energy modeling as necessary) for all stages of a construction or building services project.

Design layouts: Our mechanical - HVAC engineering designs include floor plans, diagrams, schedules, equipment, specifications and construction details relating to mechanical equipment, ductwork and piping. These are all reviewed, signed and sealed by a licensed professional mechanical design engineer.

We often provide mechanical - HVAC engineering design services for HVAC projects. For HVAC projects we are particularly experienced in the designing, drafting and modeling of:

  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems - including plant, air and water ducting and pipework design, validation and optimization for:

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, Chiller Plants, Humidification Systems, Cooling Towers, Chilled Beams and Window Air Conditioners, Air Handlers and Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Mechanical Ventilation Systems.

  • Heating systems - including plant, ducting and pipework design, validation and optimization for:

Boiler Plants, Passive Heating, Condensing Boilers, Co-Generation, Geothermal Systems, Heat Pumps,Steam Systems , Split Systems and Radiant Floor Heating

Design management: Our mechanical - HVAC engineering design management creates a sound environment to control and support a culture of creativity and innovation, embrace iterative design and simultaneously ensure that commercial goals and objectives are ethically achieved.

2D CAD and CAD conversion -

2D CAD is two-dimensional computer aided design and CAD conversion refers to conversion of paper, PDF or scan-based drawings to CAD format.

At we accurately perform 2D CAD drafting to produce mechanical engineering CAD drawings (layouts, sections, elevations) for mechanical equipment, ducting and piping.

For mechanical - HVAC engineering projects requiring CAD conversion, can convert paper, PDF and scan-based drawings into accurate, editable CAD drawings for CAD conversion projects of many sizes, across many regions.

We manually redraft drawings in CAD by referring to blueprints or raster-based drawings and use the following CAD software: AutoCAD, Revit and generate and deliver CAD conversion output drawings in the following formats: .dwg, .dwfx., .dgn., .acis., .dwf.

Intelligent BIM modeling and CAD to BIM conversion -

BIM modeling is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides engineers and other construction professionals with the insight and tools to more efficiently design, construct, manage and operate built assets.

At we have wide experience in intelligent BIM modeling and CAD to BIM conversion and can accurately produce BIM models for mechanical equipment, ducting and piping.

We provide specialist mechanical engineering BIM modeling and CAD to BIM conversion services to:

  • Link plans, elevations, sections and details of CAD files to a construction engineering project in Revit and use them as underlay
  • Use CAD information, Revit and Navisworks software to generate and deliver engineering BIM models and their associated information in the following proprietary formats: .rvt, .nwd, .dwg and non-proprietary formats: ICF, COBie

For more information on our mechanical engineering service related to BIM Modeling, see: BIM services.

Energy modeling -

Robust energy modeling or energy system modeling is the process of building robust computer models of energy systems in order to be able to analyze them and gain insight to how built assets use energy.

We have extensive experience at in operating a variety of mechanical engineering energy modelling tools (Equest, Trace, and Excel) and are adept at providing robust, optimum solutions, matching specific tasks to the most appropriate solution.

We provide specialist mechanical engineering energy modeling services to:

  • Assess design and ventilation strategies
  • Diagnose overheating problems
  • Explore potential energy efficiency improvement options
  • Evaluate certification and standard implications (such as LEED and ASHRAE) for new and existing buildings
  • Assess energy performance of asset portfolios and evaluate against cost

For more information on our mechanical engineering service related to energy modeling, see: energy modeling service.


Mechanical - HVAC Engineering Services

We specialize in providing design, engineering and drafting services to large-scale industrial, commercial, residential and retails projects, you can ensure your HVAC systems provide the right temperature and humidity control, to guarantee comfort and indoor air quality for the occupants in your building. In business settings, this brings the added benefits of increased productivity and reduced sick leave - you can improve working conditions and increase profits simultaneously.

 Our HVAC designs also guarantee building code compliance and a quick project approval, as well as energy efficiency. Most energy expenses in a building can be attributed to HVAC installations, and we make sure your electricity and gas bills are minimized without compromising performance.

What HVAC System is Right for your Building?

Today's modern HVAC components require a savvy MEP engineer to design into a simple and integrated system. HVAC designs include floor plans, air and water riser diagrams, schedules, or all equipment, specifications, and construction details.

Designs are reviewed, signed and sealed by a licensed professional mechanical design engineer. This is everything needed for Department of Buildings and Landlord approvals, accurate construction cost bidding, upholding quality workmanship, and a smooth construction process.

We have expertise in a wide range of Mechanical engineering projects. Know more about our industry-specific projects here and chiller replacement solutions here.

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