Restaurant Projects

has worked with a variety of restaurant spaces to provide MEP/FP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects for fine dining spaces to fast, casual restaurants.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market is a chain of quick-serve restaurants that focuses on bringing its customers a “farm-to-table” experience for reasonable prices.

Dig Inn is an Eatery/coffee shop chain for seasonal & locally sourced American food made mostly with vegetables.

Whether it’s the smell of the locale’s perfectly marinated and sizzling Porterhouse, the intimate ambience of its Brazilian cherry wood floors and alabaster chandeliers, or the welcoming demeanor of the General Manager, those who dine at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse know it will be an unforgettable experience from the very beginning.

The highly regarded Sen restaurant, a Sag Harbor staple, opened a Manhattan location during the summer of 2012. The popular Hamptons eatery is known for its Japanese cuisine.

Based on the original restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia, 22-13 is a high-end, vintage-styled restaurant whose charm is based on its mismatched chairs and intimate corners.

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NY Engineers helped to provide professional engineering services for the renovation of this Brooklyn restaurant hybrid. Existing conditions were examined and engineering drawings were prepared.

Pizza Moto

NY Engineers provided professional consulting engineering services to renovate the 1st floor of an auto garage into a restaurant. Engineering drawings were prepared for HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.

The Living Room

The Living room is a Brooklyn based music venue that has showcased some of the best of New York City's singer and songwriters. The venue has also been described as "an incubator of talent"

Shun Lee Palace

Shun Lee Palace is a Chinese restaurant that offers a refreshing and unconventional twist from the usual Oriental fare.


Pranna is a a Southeast Asia eatery in New York City that specializes in serving contemporary Asian cuisine. Housed in a trendy, multilevel space, the restaurant features a clubby late night scene.

Maritime Parc

Maritime Parc is a modern seafood restaurant with spectacular views of the Hudson River and New York City. NY Engineers provided full MEP engineering consultation services for the restaurant proper and a full wet bar on the patio.

Den-45 South 3rd Street

This spacious restaurant contains a two level backyard equipped with various games during the warmer months; including, ping pong and cornhole.

Pongsri Thai Restaurant - 246 West 48th Street

Pongsri Thai Restaurant, launched in 1972, is a branch of mini-chains, that specializes in serving traditional Thai dishes.

Saffron Garden- 304 East 78th Street

SAFFRON GARDEN wish to offer you Indian delicacies & a delightful and satisfying culinary/eatery experience. Enjoy the extraordinary health benefits of our Indian cuisine, due to our generous use of exquisite organic spices like Turmeric, Saffron, Tamarind, Garlic, Ginger, Pomegranate Seed and Fenugreek leaves . 


Pret operates a bit like a restaurant. They build kitchens in (or very near) every shop. You won’t find ‘sell-by’ dates on their fresh sandwiches and salads. Pret offers unsold food to charity at the end of each day rather than keeping it to sell the next day.

Nugget Shop

Inspired by an iconic childhood favorite, The Nugget Spot is dedicated to serving up the finest nuggets you've ever had. 


Burg, a hip and casual burgers restaurant is located in the heart of Military Park. The restaurant serves burgers, fries, salads, craft beer, wine, and donuts.

Lenox Lounge

Lenox Lounge was a long-standing bar in Harlem, New York City. The bar was founded in 1939 by Dominic Greco and served as venue for performances by many great jazz artists, including Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane.


KOA is a modern Japanese cuisine restaurant and bar with asian specialties created by Keiko Ono Aoki in conjunction with Japan’s Iron Chef, Yuji Wakiya.

Saks 5th Avenue Restaurant

Saks Fifth Avenue has been one of the city's preeminent high-end department stores since it opened in 1924. The ten-floor luxury behemoth buzzes with a well-heeled hum at the ground level, where cosmetics salespeople stand at attention and perfume spritzers beckon at every turn.

Off the Wall Yogurt

Off The Wall Frozen Yogurt is a self-serve, New York-based frozen yogurt chain founded in 2010. Each store has been designed to delight the customer by offering a colorfully spacious environment to create your own frozen yogurt masterpiece.

11 Pell Street

11 Pell Street is a Building located in the Chinatown neighborhood in Manhattan, NY. 11 Pell Street was built in 1900 and has 5 stories and 9 units.

Blenheim Hill Farm

Innovation is key” at this West Village “farm-to-table experience”, where “high ambitions” often produce “flavorful” American dishes featuring ingredients from the namesake Catskills grange; the “comfortable” space has “homey” accents, and while it’s “a little pricey”, there’s “always a welcome surprise on the menu

Between the Bread - 145 West 55th Street

For nearly four decades, Between The Bread has been providing New Yorkers with sumptuous locally-sourced food that is unmistakable in its quality and presentation.

740 Broadway – Café renovation

Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu boasts bold, flavorful food and smoothies with a healthy appeal, all made to order from the freshest ingredients.

29 7th Ave South

Walk through the door and you’re in Rome” agree fans of this “rustic” Italian West Villager serving “molte bene” pastas and wood-oven pizzas made with “super-fresh” ingredients; sidewalk seating and service that remains solid even when it’s “crazy busy” cement its status as a neighborhood “gem.

45 South 3rd Street

Freehold is unique because it’s hard to put your finger on what it’s actually trying to do, and that’s a good thing. There is a massive two level backyard equipped with various games during the warmer months including ping pong and corn hole. There’s also a bar with plenty of long tables. Inside, Oversized lounge chairs accompanied by spacious tables and contemporary art hung across the walls gives this venue an upscale feel without being pretentious.

Sixpoint Brewery

While some historical records indicate Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004, the real birth of Sixpoint begins at the dawn of civilization. That is when the earliest societies began cultivating cereal grains to make fermented beverages, and the desire for excellence in the craft of brewing was forged.

Sweetgreen, 100 Kenmare Street

Founded in 2007, sweetgreen is a destination for simple, seasonal, healthy food.  They have built a transparent supply network, cook from scratch, and  building a community of people who support real food.

Flank Restaurant - 45 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn

NYE provided professional sprinkler engineering consultation services for the renovation. The project consists of sprinkler demolition for the restaurant space. The space is being divided into 2 separate spaces. A portion of the existing sprinkler shall be demolished and capped for the division.

Tomino Restaurant - 192 Grand Street

NYE provided professional Mechanical engineering consultation services for the renovation. The project consists of renovating the approximately 2,400 ft2 restaurant on the ground floor. Mechanical engineering design shall include exhaust system for solid fuel oven, 2 hoods on the first floor, kitchen exhaust fans, and precipitators. NYE shall analyze and determine the best precipitator for the space between Smokey USA Maxi Grille Precipitators and Smoke Hog Precipitators. Make up air and restaurant HVAC design by others. Design shall be self-certified and filed by others.

Restaurant Renovation - Upper East Side

29 East 61st Street is a Building located in the Lenox Hill neighborhood in Manhattan, NY. 29 East 61st Street was built in 1910 and has 5 stories and 5 units.

190 West Street, Brooklyn

190 West Street is a Building located in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

Parx Foodies

Parx Casino has got what you’re looking for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Relax with a latte and danish or grab a mouthwatering Philadelphia cheesesteak. Foodies focus on quality, freshness and the finest ingredients - and so do we.

174 Elizabeth Street

Homemade Mexican food" states a sign on the door of this tiny treasure, a serene oasis in the middle of overrun Nolita. The charming light green painted café also offers such scrumptious concoctions as goat cheese quesadillas, and the sangria is sweet and hearty.


We provided professional MEP engineering consultation services for the renovation. The project consists of renovating the approximately 2,476 ft2, 1 floor plus cellart restaurant, including commercial kitchen. Existing kitchen exhaust hood was reused.

Zucker's Bagles

Owner Matt Pomerantz, designed the newly established shop to feel like an old-school bagel joint, with 12 types of smoked and cured fish and homemade spreads.

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