Solar Power Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is an important step before installing a solar power system: a professional analysis gives you an accurate picture of technical requirements, project costs, electricity generation, and the potential savings and income you can achieve.

Save on Power Bills

A solar photovoltaic system can generate electricity all year long, reducing your building’s power bills and operating costs.

Cut Your Emissions

Solar panels produce zero emissions when generating power, reducing the environmental footprint of your building.

Qualify for Financial Incentives

Solar power systems get a federal tax credit in the US, and there may be additional incentives depending on your location.

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Solar Feasibility Study: Step By Step


1.  Submit Your Address

Using your address, NY Engineers can analyze the feasibility of installing solar panels on your land or rooftop.

2. Professional Solar Design

Our experts can determine the optimal photovoltaic capacity and layout for your building, based on a careful assessment of your electricity needs.

3. Design Approval and Permitting

NY Engineers can deliver a solar PV system design according to local building codes, ensuring a quick approval with your city’s building department.

4. Qualify for Solar Incentives

Your solar installation will qualify for local incentives. Depending on your building’s location these may include cash rebates, tax exemptions, and low-interest or zero-interest solar loans.

5. Effective Project Management

NY Engineers is not only a design and consulting firm: Our team can manage your entire project, including the bidding and construction stages.

6. Energy Storage for 24/7 Power

Solar panels can be combined with energy storage systems, achieving a reliable power supply that remains available during nights and cloudy days.

Solar Power Benefits for Building Owners

1. Cut Your Electricity Bills

Solar panels can generate electricity for decades, using a free energy source that reaches your property every day: sunlight.

2. Avoid Volatile Energy Prices

Your building can use a solar power system with simple maintenance needs and a service life of over 25 years, instead of dealing with unpredictable electric tariffs.

3. Increase Your Building Value

A building that is capable of generating its own electricity becomes a more valuable asset, and the use of clean energy can improve your corporate image.

4. Attract Tenants

Buildings with solar power systems have lower energy costs, and this can attract tenants who are concerned about their power bills and environmental impact.

5. Compliance with Climate Laws

Solar power is a clean and renewable source. If your local government has renewable energy mandates or building emission limits, solar panels can help you meet them.

6. Solar Power Adapts to Any Property

NY Engineers can design the ideal system configuration for your building: rooftop-mounted, ground installation, parking lot canopy installation, etc.

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Financial Guidance for Your Solar PV Project


1. Detailed Financial Breakdown

NY Engineers will calculate your solar installation costs, government and utility incentives, power generation, monthly savings and income, payback period and ROI.

2. Find the Ideal Purchasing Option

Get a detailed comparison of your solar power options: direct purchase, leasing a PV system, or signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

3. Compare Your Financing Options

NY Engineers can help you qualify for low-interest or even zero-interest financing options for your solar installation. You can go solar for $0 upfront and pay the loan with your energy savings.

4. Federal Tax Incentives for Solar Power

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a nationwide incentive for solar panels, and business-owned systems also qualify for depreciation benefits under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).

5. Local Tax Incentives for Solar Power

Solar power may qualify for additional tax incentives depending on your building’s location. These may include sales tax exemptions, property tax exemptions, and state tax credits.

6. Government and Utility Rebates

If your local government or utility company offers solar rebates, NY Engineers can get them for you. This represents a direct reduction of your project costs.

7. Renewable Energy Certificates

Some states have Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), which can be claimed by solar owners based on energy production, and sold to organizations with renewable energy mandates.

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Solar Power in the US: By the Numbers


1. Fastest Growing Electricity Source

According to the Energy Information Administration, solar power represents 46% of new electricity generation projects in the US.

2. US Solar Power Broke Records in 2021

The US solar industry installed 23.6 gigawatts in 2021, reaching an accumulated capacity of 121.4 gigawatts, enough to power 23.3 million households.

3. Economies of Scale

Commercial solar systems can achieve an installed cost below $2 per watt, and large industrial and utility systems can reach costs below $1 per watt.

Solar PV Cost Proposal

1. Quick Design and Approval

Project designs by NY Engineers are completed 50% faster, while having an 80% first-time approval rate with local building authorities.

2. Customized Solar Design

Your solar PV system design will have the optimal capacity and layout, based on the energy needs of your building or facility.

3. Meet Local Codes and Regulations

NY Engineers can easily adapt your solar PV system design based on local building codes, zoning requirements, laws and regulations.

4. Optimize Costs and Get Incentives

Our experts can maximize the financial returns of your solar power system, achieving an optimal installation cost and claiming any incentives available from your state and electric company.

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