Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

provides building information modeling (BIM) software services in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, enabling the automation of tasks, maximizing the quality of construction, and minimizing risks. We are one of the leading BIM service providers in the USA.

Can be enhanced with demand-controlled ventilation and heat recovery to save energy.

Mechanical - HVAC Engineering

Coordinated Approach

Our experience and expertise, together with the software we use, enables us to collaborate effectively in real time with other AEC professionals and role-players from pre-construction through the project delivery process to handover.

Virtual Simulation

Our visual 3D renditions enable earlier conflict and error detection and ultimately better building quality. This translates across the board to a reduction of inefficiencies that would otherwise cause delays as well as budget issues.

Better Data Quality

Everything about BIM relies on data. Without it, critical tasks like specifying, cost estimating, calculating energy loads, and carrying out heating and cooling analyses would be impossible. This is the I in BIM, and we’ve got you covered.

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Our Qualities


BIM Services

, has provided MEP services during the last decade to a raft of construction stakeholders, including owners, structural engineers, civil engineers, architects and industrial businesses and local, state and federal government agencies.

We have wide experience in collaborating with other construction stakeholders on major projects, including projects, in New York, other parts of the US, including New Jersey and Chicago, as well as internationally.

When you hire for outsourced BIM services, you hire an established MEP engineering firm with years of experience, including in Building Information Modeling (BIM), and work with recognised BIM experts, BIM technology and BIM processes in the industry.

BIM - an Integral Part of NY Engineers Wide MEP Service Offer

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BIM is an intelligent, digital model-based process that enables professionals involved in the design, engineering, construction and operation of built assets to design, engineer, construct and operate assets using powerful BIM software and recognised BIM processes.

We are specialized in the field of MEP (particularly HVAC) and our BIM service is an integral part of our service suite, which includes electrical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, value engineering services, energy modeling services, building commissioning services, Scan to BIM (CAD to Revit modeling) services, construction administration services, utility filing services and engineering report services.

Expert BIM Services – Delivered by an Expert BIM Team

As an organisation we have provided expert BIM services during the last decade to owners, structural and civil engineers, architects and industrial businesses and local, state and federal government agencies. Our BIM team is highly qualified, delivers best practice, and active in the sector, positively influencing the advancement and uptake of BIM processes and solutions.

Our clients’ BIM projects are mostly located in , as well as internationally.

They include major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government and non-profit BIM projects, and many are also environmentally certified assets.

Meeting a variety of BIM needs

professional team of BIM experts and technicians is experienced in providing a range of BIM services for multiple types of BIM project to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector that you need assistance with.

Our investment in optimal BIM solutions, such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks, and skilled human resource, enables us to engineer highly complex building systems confidently, sustainably and efficiently mitigate risk, improve quality, reduce waste and facilitate project coordination and collaboration, cost estimation and logistic planning.

Our BIM team works closely our other engineering service teams to assist in delivering MEP BIM services to meet the following core needs:

  • accurate, secure digital representation of existing assets
  • sustainable design, manage and delivery of comprehensive graphical and non-graphical 3D BIM data and information
  • better coordination for better outcomes
  • efficient, timely design management process
  • improved quality and reduced risk
  • MEP BIM services cost bidding

These services also assist in meeting the following mechanical engineering needs in an efficient fashion:

  • Environmental management certification (1SO14001)

Our team can deploy BIM processes for your environmental management and help you achieve ISO14001 certification, reducing the project carbon footprint of a project.

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification

Our team can contribute accurate BIM information and data to assist you in achieving LEED certification for your project.

  • Quality certification (1SO9001)

Our team can deploy BIM processes for your quality management and help you achieve ISO 9001 certification, highlighting areas of quality deficiency and potential improvement.

  • US occupational safety and health administration compliance

Our team can deploy BIM processes to establish your safety management program and perform process hazard analysis for occupational safety and health administration compliance.

  • Government Department of Buildings approvals
  • Landlord approvals

BIM Services

At we offer quality BIM services (in conjunction with CAD to BIM conversion and energy modeling and other services as necessary), including:

Scan to BIM is the process of using laser scanningto capture an accurate 3D scan of an existing asset.

At we provide a Scan to BIM service to provide an accurate digital representation of an existing asset for use at every MEP project stage. Converting relevant point cloud and laser scan data containing 3D object surface measurement we can create intelligent data-rich 3D models that can be used for BIM modeling purposes by designers and engineers.

The core benefit of our Scan to BIM service is the high degree of accuracy 3D models from laser scan information provides, accurate to the nearest millimetre. Accurate 3D models increase speed and reduce the likelihood of error.

Our scan to BIM services provides you with an accurate digital representation of the building site that can be used for every possible stage of the project from planning to design, assessment and evaluation. We convert the relevant point cloud and laser scan data to make intelligent data-rich 3D models that BIM modelers can use for design purposes. Our scan to BIM modeling service is particularly useful for managing facilities in AEC projects and for checking the feasibility of expansion or extensions.

At we use Revit to produce shop drawing and fabrication drawing information for structural components, including concrete and steel, in BIM models. These drawings can be extracted from BIM models using our Drawing Extraction Service.

3D BIM is a building information model that contains geometrical information (shapes and dimensions). MEP modeling is the process of 3D modeling MEP components.

’ experienced and qualified team of 3D BIM project designers, MEP modelers and technicians utilize the latest solutions and processes, to design/model, manage and deliver comprehensive graphical and non-graphical 3D BIM data and information for MEP BIM projects as required at any point during their lifecycle, from inception through to completion, commissioning and beyond.

Our 3D BIM and MEP BIM modeling service can include the modeling of complex buildings systems including energy-efficient mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

BIM models include layouts, diagrams, schedules, equipment, specification and construction details. Where they relate to MEP equipment, ductwork and piping, they are reviewed by a licensed professional mechanical engineer

We use software that enables our 3D BIM drafters create pre-construction models of buildings that incorporate MEP as well as structural and architectural elements. We use Autodesk Revit for shop and fabrication drawings to enable structural components (often steel and concrete) to be created. Data obtained from CAD to BIM conversion or Scan to BIM may also be used during this process.

The core benefit of our 3D BIM + MEP modeling service is that, in conjunction with our coordinated BIM service, it enables improves construction project control.

We can also undertake Energy Modeling for MEP 3D BIM projects, while using Equest, Trace, and Excel, to save around 20% on energy consumption for our clients. For more information on our BIM capability related to MEP energy modeling for 3D BIM projects, see: energy modeling service.

Issued For Construction drawings are detailed design drawing sets prepared by design professionals (architects, engineers) and are integral to contract documents. Shop Drawing and Fabrication Drawings are prepared by a general contractor and relevant sub-contractors and issued to design professionals for approval.

At we can extract both Issued For Construction and Shop/Fabrication Drawings, including basic plans and cross-sections to isometric installation drawings, to meet requirements.

A key benefit or our Issued For Construction and Drawing extraction service is that we specialize in MEP and HVAC drawings and can extract the relevant sections of these and 3D BIM models required.

4D BIM is the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or assemblies with scheduling related information.

At our qualified team of 4D BIM project sequence designers, technicians and managers can utilize the latest solutions, and processes, including Navisworks, to establish a 4D construction sequence for your BIM project.

The core benefit of our 4D BIM service is the improved delivery time, through scheduling accuracy, with its inherent cost savings.

5D BIM is the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or assemblies with cost related information.

At our experienced team of 5D BIM project cost planners and managers can utilize the latest solutions and processes to establish a cost simulation for your BIM project. As part of this Quantity Take-Off (QTO)s are possible to extract accurate data from a BIM model.

Once measurements and quantities are available, objects can be associated with rate items and instantaneous detailed project cost estimate created. Whenever variations or price changes are made, the QTO is automatically updated to ensure that cost estimates are always accurate.

The core benefit of our 5D BIM service is cost reduction, through cost accuracy, and the inherent time savings.

We can also value engineer projects, while using Revit, saving around 20% on construction costs for our clients through BIM project value analysis, or performance auditing. For more information on our BIM capability related to value management for BIM projects, see: value engineering service.

Clash detection is the resolution of structural or MEP conflicts, clashes, and clearances, through an automated, computerised process.

At our BIM clash detection service helps eliminate human error. Spatial clash detection of components, material efficiencies, equipment lead-times, construction sequencing, and design compliance can all be identified and spatial clearances checked.

A key benefit of our clash detection service is that by facilitating the effective identification, inspection, and reporting of typical interference clashes in 3D models, we can resolve issues during design rather than during construction. This is particularly useful for asset management and for checking the feasibility of alterations or extensions.

The domain of BIM coordinators, BIM coordination involves the communication and coordination of architectural, structural and MEP BIM information and data, derived from input from these project stakeholders, contractors and owner at any given stage of a project.

The domain of BIM managers, ISO19650 Information management certification, certifies the management of the lifecycle of a built asset using BIM.

At we undertake to simplify BIM coordination and BIM management in conjunction with our clash detection service. Our team can deploy BIM processes to streamline file and suitability naming, status and revision codes, facilitate common data environment workflow processes and maintain shared and published IP for compliant, auditable BIM information management and ISO19650 certification.

The advantage of using our BIM coordination and BIM management service is to enable your projects to stay on schedule and on budget.

In Revit all components need to belong to a family. Families are collections of objects sharing identical visual characteristics and behavior.

use Revit to create, modify, and delete customizable component families however complex your project design is.

The core benefit of our Revit Family creation Service is that customizable MEP component families can be created, including HVAC component families.

For more information on how our BIM services can relate to other mechanical engineering services:

MEP construction administration for BIM projects, see: construction administration services, utility filings for BIM projects, see: utility filing service, technical engineering reports for BIM projects, see: engineering reports, building commissioning (and building condition assessments), see: building commissioning service.

The 4 core aspects of all BIM services for projects are:

  1. Project planning (consultation and quotation)

-to establish information requirements, and prioritise asset performance needs

  1. BIM service implementation

-to implement and manage BIM processes, project management for compliance and certification procedures and processes

  1. BIM project reviews

-to extract, analyse and manipulate BIM data for use in BIM models

  1. BIM project delivery (multiple formats available)

-to support BIM management

6D BIM is defined as the intelligent linking of attribute data of built asset components to support built asset or facility operation and management.


Our experienced and qualified team of 6D BIM project technicians and managers at utilize the latest solutions and processes.


The major benefit of this is to facilitate the design, management and delivery of comprehensive graphical and non-graphical as-built BIM data and information for BIM projects for use during the operational phase of a built asset.

  • BIM model audits are review of BIM information and data and carried out as necessary at key times to ensure adherence with industry best practices and standards.

’ BIM model auditing service enables you to check your BIM model outputs.

The advantage of BIM model audits are that they ensure the information and data in your drawings, bills of quantities and BIM models accurate, validated and reliable.

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BIM Services

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that enables professionals working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to plan, design, construct and manage infrastructure and buildings using powerful software. Our investment in the best BIM software enables us to design highly complex building systems with absolute confidence.

We offer a wide range of BIM services, including all types of drawings, risk mitigation, clash detection, and energy analysis, that improve the quality of building projects in general and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) building systems in particular.

Our team of engineers works with Autodesk modeling software that provides us with the very best BIM programs currently available, including Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks. We specialize in:

  • BIM for construction
  • BIM for commercial projects
  • BIM for residential projects
  • BIM for hotel project

Our Integrated BIM Service Benefits

Through our efficient team, updated technology and efficient processes, we can provide you with high quality, cost effective, integrated BIM services with the following combined benefits:

  • Accurate BIM information with BIM data security
  • Comprehensive BIM data and information with attention to detail
  • Smooth communication with other stakeholders, including our own MEP teams and external architectural and structural engineering BIM teams.
  • Timely, cost-effective process enabled through task automation
  • Professional BIM data and information delivery, maximising construction quality and minimising risk – particularly to MEP, including HVAC projects.

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At we offer quality BIM services (in conjunction with CAD to BIM conversion and energy modeling and other services as necessary)

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We assure you of a professional, high quality, cost-effective BIM service.

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