MEP Engineering Services

Overview of Our Approach

At Engineers, we search for simple, eloquent solutions to complex problems. We minimize construction costs by eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the overall efficiency for the most streamlined designs. We operate nationwide and internationally out of our office offering Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkler and Fire Protection Engineering services, as well as Building Condition Assessments & Commissioning, LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Engineering Design Reviews, and much more.


Mechanical Engineering Services

What HVAC system is the right system for your building? Engineers prepares custom HVAC system solutions tailored to your needs, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing construction cost.

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Electrical Engineering Services

How much power do you need for your space? Engineers prepares electrical designs including lighting, receptacles, mechanical power, electrical riser diaphragms, panel board schedules, specifications, and construction details.

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Plumbing Engineering Services

Every lavatory, sink, toilet, shower, roof drain, dishwasher, pool, spa, gas stove, gas boiler, gas fireplace, or specialty plumbing fixture requires a network of plumbing piping behind the walls to function. We interface with the utility companies and agency to provide new domestic water service, sprinkler water service, natural gas service, & sewer service.

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Sprinkler Engineering Services

Buildings equipped with automatic sprinklers begin extinguishing the fire before fire fighters arrive. Fully sprinklered buildings are safer and enjoy lower insurance premiums.

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Fire Protection Engineering Services

To guard against the building’s biggest enemy - fire - the fire alarm system automatically calls the fire department upon sensing smoke. We design the fire alarm system including the various devices and sensors that feed into the fire alarm control panel.

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Construction Administration Engineering Services

We monitor the construction portion of the project with custom tailored approaches to meet the needs of the client. We are available to continue failed or stalled projects to ensure workmanship quality and proper building department signoffs.

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Value Engineering Services

Do you have construction bids that are too high? Over-engineering a project drives up construction costs without any benefit. Engineers cuts through that fluff, offering an unparalleled value engineering service to get your construction project back on budget.

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Energy Modeling Engineering Services

Energy Modeling provides insight into how your building uses energy. We model the entire building with all its systems.

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Utility Filings Engineering Services

Need a new water, sewer, electric, or gas service? Engineers can design and prepare all the filings to the utility company.

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Engineering Reports Services

Engineering survey teams are deployed to visually survey all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and fire alarm systems in the building. A report with pictures detailing the existing condition of the systems is issued.

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Building Commissioning Engineering Services

We deploy survey teams to actually verify all set points and system operations. We also monitor all contractors' testing to ensure it’s done properly. We review the engineering design to ensure everything is operating as designed.

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CAD to Revit Modeling Engineering Services

Engineers prepares designs in CAD or Revit. We can partner with other MEP engineering firms or contractors and convert CAD or hand sketches into Revit. No need to go through the steep software learning curve and upgrade IT. We offer a low-cost Revit Drafting service with quick turnaround times.

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