How to Choose the Right BIM and Revit Outsourcing Partner

Anuj Srivastava
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    Are you looking to outsource your BIM or Revit projects?

    You are not alone if you have felt the need to outsource your BIM or Revit designing. In fact, 45% US general contracting firms outsource their BIM on a regular basis, and the practice is only gaining popularity as each day passes by.

    So why do contractors find it beneficial to outsource their BIM?

    You may benefit from outsourcing BIM and Revit if you-

    • Don't have the in-house talent to work on the required solutions
    • Want to increase the proficiency and quality of your modeling
    • Want to save time and cost

    Now, the question arises how you should choose a suitable BIM and Revit outsourcing partner. Fret not, as we have the complete guide to help you select the right partner for your BIM and Revit needs. Here's how to go about-

    Check the BIM Partner's Experience

    It goes without saying that you should pick a partner who has adequate experience in dealing with BIM and Revit modeling. You must make an effort to find out all you can about the company to ensure the success of your project.

    Check the past projects of the company, look at their website, read their case studies, browse their social media profiles- in short, do complete research to find out if the outsourcing partner will be able to hand your project.

    You can also ask for references about past clients and follow up on them to determine the firm's competency.

    Find Out What Solutions They Use

    A range of software is available for BIM including Revit from Autodesk. The outsourcing firm you choose should have the capability to work on your preferred solution. As the project managers and take a look at past work to check if the company will be able to handle the solution you want to use.

    Do They Deliver on Time?

    One of the main reasons for outsourcing BIM is to complete your modeling on time. The firm you choose should be able to complete your modeling and deliver within the deadline so that you can begin construction. You can try Googling for reviews of the company or browse client testimonials to determine if they deliver on time.

    Go for a company that has a strong record of being punctual.


    What About Quality Standards and Accreditations?

    BIM requires high quality control and attention to ensure foolproof modeling that makes way for less rework or changes. Your outsourcing partner should have adequate accredited quality standards and quality checks in place to create accurate models.

    Also, check for professional accreditations like Autodesk affiliation, which tell you a lot about the quality of the service you can expect from the firm.

    Look for Clear Communication

    Your BIM outsourcing partner should listen to all your needs and accommodate your preferences. Their team should be in close communication with you so that your vision can be given shape in the way you want. Ask if you will have your own project manager who can keep you in the loop about any development or change in the modeling.

    Be Clear About the Charges

    Don't make the mistake of going for cheap BIM outsourcing services as you will not be happy with their work. BIM takes a lot of effort and any legitimate firm will quote a deserving price. You should also make sure of the charges before you outsource, as you don't want to cross the budget of your project.

    Choose Your BIM Partner Wisely

    The successful execution of your project will depend on the BIM outsourcing partner you choose. So do your homework and research every firm before you close in on your ideal partner.

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