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Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    The real estate industry is among the most profitable and fastest-growing markets in the world over. A recent edition on the housing market by CNN’s Anna Bahney showed how the average US home prices wildly skyrocketed in 2021, with a record high in total property sales being recorded that year.

    To construction companies, the increasingly growing demand for housing and commercial property is undoubtedly something to celebrate. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the construction industry isn’t competitive!

    To stand out from the crowd, today’s construction businesses need to think outside the box and employ proven marketing strategies. Above all, they need to have a commanding online presence that makes it easier for customers to find them.

    This article will briefly cover a few pointers on how to grow your construction business online.

    Create a Stunning Site for Your Business

    Having a website is the number one rule of the thumb for a construction business, and pretty much any other business looking to appeal to an online audience.

    But don’t forget that, according to statistics, close to 90 percent of internet users rely on mobile devices for their online activities. Apart from using captivating fonts, images, and layouts, this makes it even more important to ensure your website is:

    • Mobile friendly
    • Is Fast loading
    • Is easy to navigate
    • Is loaded with helpful content relating to the construction industry

    Understand How to Use Local SEO

    If you’re running a construction business, higher chances are that most if not all of your clients will come from your surrounding area.

    This will precisely be your target audience, even if you have plans to extend your reach to serve regional and international clients. And charity sure does begin at home, as the old saying goes!

    Just like SEO is important to any business looking to attract clients and promote their services or products online, local SEO is fundamental in helping construction businesses grow online.

    It literally involves optimizing your website and online business listings so that your business is easy to find for prospects and consumers who would have an interest in products or services related to the construction industry in your area of operation.

    It also means working with a reputable expert in the industry with a history of bringing results to their clients.

    Let’s say your construction business is situated in New York City, for instance. If so, getting Online Marketing Gurus’s services and advice from that area can be a great way to win more clients, sales, and profit from an online audience.

    The most important thing is to hire a local SEO expert with a history of exceeding the expectations of their clients in your area of operation.

    Get Listed In Online Construction Directories

    If you are looking to penetrate your local market, it is important to build a strong online presence. Thankfully, there are several directories to consider, including BuildZoom,, Construct Connect, the Blue Book, and Angi, among others.

    In many cases, the construction businesses listed in these directories are able to increase their market share by a good margin.

    Build Connections through Social Media

    Having a professionally developed and optimized website is crucial, but never enough to attain a commanding online presence. To build a strong online presence that will reach the desired communities of potential buyers, a construction business may want to take advantage of social media.

    Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, can be a great way to not only promote the brand and build new connections, but they can also provide a way to nurture these connections and attract new customers.

    These platforms can also double up as a way to share crucial digital construction documents and other important material with customers. Many businesses also use the platforms to encourage reviews, and feedback, which can help improve processes, services, and products to further satisfy the audience.

    Promote Your Work Using Professional Photos and Demo Videos

    Whether it’s through your website, social media profile, or listing directories, sharing some of your recent projects through stunning photos, demos, and videos can be a great way to attract attention from your audience.

    It’s a great way to grow your brand while communicating what your business is all about. However, the last thing you want is to use poor-quality images or videos for this. It can be a downright offset to your progress and growth as a construction business.

    For this reason, it’s important to use a modern photo editor tool like Picsart to edit your photos. Not only will you be able to enhance the quality of your images using AI-powered features, but you’re also allowed to use some of Picsart's free assets in your branding.

    As is the case for any kind of business these days, an online presence is vital for growth. Highly competitive companies such as those in the construction industry perhaps need it even more. With the above few points in mind, growing your construction business online should be easier and more rewarding.

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