Installing an electric car charging station: Everything you need to know

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    As electric vehicles enjoy wider adoption, one crucial question that must be answered is how to charge them. Many EV owners prefer to charge their cars at home. However, public charging is crucial to the EV charging infrastructure because it kills range anxiety. If you are in New York or other parts of the country and wonder what it takes to install public EV charging stations on your premises, this article covers everything you need to know. An essential step in installing an electric charging station is obtaining permits.

    How to obtain an EV charging station installation permit

    There are regulations guiding public EV charging station installation and operation, and you must observe them. If you are not familiar with the process, it is advisable to let professionals handle it. That way, you avoid the hassle of navigating the process, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. In addition, the professional installer may help you determine the EV incentives you qualify for, based on your location.

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    Compliance regulations for installing an EV charger

    Many cities, including New York, have requirements to install an EV charging station. These codes are meant to ensure the safety and adequate utilization of the public charging facility. For example, you may be required to place signage where it will be visible to drivers. It is vital that you use EV charging station installers that are aware of all relevant codes and will follow them to the letter.

    Types of charging stations and how to choose the best one for your location

    There are three main types of public charging stations that you can install on your premises. However, depending on the dwelling time, installing Level 2 or Level 3 charging stations is advisable.

    To decide the best pubic charger for you, there are several factors to consider. One of them is what you want to achieve with your electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). If you only want to offer it as a complimentary service to your customers, sometimes referred to as destination charging, a Level 2 charger is adequate. However, if you want to offer public charging as a business, installing Level 3 EV chargers is better because they reduce the charging time significantly.

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    Public charging station installation steps

    The first step in installing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is site analysis, which considers the ideal location on your premises to install the charger(s), lightning and security requirements, and existing electrical infrastructure. The next step is planning the infrastructure, and this involves making arrangements for site preparation like boring holes, pouring concretes, trenching, and landscaping.

    The third step is utility assessment, and this is the stage you will be assessed for the incentives you qualify for. Next is environment integration, focusing on making the environment safe, well-lit, and comfortable.

    The final step is preparation and installation after obtaining all the necessary approvals. After hardware installation is the software deployment for managing the facility, including payment processing, if applicable. However, if you want the smoothest experience for your public EV charging station installation, our professionals at NY Engineers are who you should work with. Contact us today.

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