Overview of Humidification Systems & It’s Benefits

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    Chicago is known to be one of the most populated places in the United States. The state contains most of the architectural firms in the US. It is home to a lot of architectural firms that aim to deliver the best-designed buildings, houses, and skyscrapers. It is no wonder that the state is also heavily invested not just to make sure that the edifice is beautiful aesthetically but it is comfortable enough to help them withstand the harsh weather of the city.

    Chicago’s Climate

    Chicago is also one of the most humid cities in the United States. Geographically, Chicago is located near Lake Michigan. With this, areas near the lake often experience the lake effect. The lake effect is a situation wherein these areas will have colder nights on warm seasons and warmer breeze days and nights during the cold season. 

    However, the main city area of the state usually experiences cold and freezing winters and very humid summers. People in the main city are often advised to keep themselves warm during the winter season.  Chicago is also called Windy City with an average wind speed of 8 to 12 mph in the summer and spring months.

    What are the benefits of a humidifying system?

    Because of their ever-changing climate, the state’s governing body made sure that measures are taken to keep their citizens safe from health issues caused by sudden temperature changes. People in Illinois are more prone to suffer from severe colds and flu during the cold season. The cold air decreases humidity inside homes and other establishments. Aside from health-related issues, other problems like broken furniture and high static electricity can also happen. Many establishments also experience higher utility bills due to the cold weather.

    For allergy sufferers, the warm and hot seasons can be really uncomfortable. Without a humidifying system, it would be more difficult to control dust from coming in and out of your home or office.  Insect population can dwell in warm areas in your home. Without the humidifying system, it would also be harder to cool down inside your home.

    Get a humidifying system

    There are many companies that offer humidification and dehumidification installation experts all over Chicago. They can help you find the best solution to keep your home and business centers comfortable for the people live, shop, or do business in them. These companies will be able to tell the right sizes of the humidifying system for your home or business centers.

    Humidifying system varies in terms of size, budget and capacity. In this way, the system will be able to keep your home comfortable from the sudden changes in the temperature, especially in Chicago. Right down below are some of the humidifying systems:

    • Electric Steam to Steam Humidifiers

    This type of humidifiers can generate steam supply and disperse it into the ducts or space. Its functions are similar to gas steam humidifiers except that they use electricity to work. One of the good things about this humidifier is that you can install it anywhere with an electric power source nearby. This system has a very taut RH control and an electricity-resistant steam generator. •    Gas steam to steam humidifiers

    This type of humidifier is considered a self-contained humidification system because it relies on natural gas or liquid petroleum to work. With the gas, this system is able to provide steam inside the coil. The heat is then transferred into the water which is located in an evaporator chamber. It requires flue venting and a sealed combustion air supply.

    • Boiler Steam Humidifier

    In this type of humidifier, it precisely directs the steam into the air handler, the duct, or the actual space. With the help of an onsite boiler, the steam generated from it can be used as a direct dispersion into the duct system. It can also be used as an indirect source for generating steam for humidification. The indirect dispersion is used whenever there are chemicals that are injected directly into the air.

    The components for humidification are available in different configurations, including the multiple or single dispersion tubes or panels which separate the steam and boiler steam. This steam-to-steam router redirects boiler steam through the heat exchanger that is located in the clean water boiling chamber. Thus, it creates a humidification steam that does not contain boiler chemicals.

    • Adiabatic Humidifiers

    This type of humidification does not use steam generation to humidify a place.  Instead,  it uses unheated water and introduces it into the air. It disperses water through a fine mist and allows it to evaporate before it touches the surface. It causes the relative humidity to go up and the air temperature to drop. It uses latent heat energy to evaporate the water in the air, thus cooling occurs.  Adiabatic humidifiers are perfect for areas where the weather is constantly hot and dry. This is also perfect for places that have excess heat load from other equipment as well.


    Why Should You Maintain your Humidification and Dehumidification system?

    One of the reasons why you should keep your humidification system well maintained to help with the humidification system in your HVAC system. It keeps your family and colleagues comfortable from the sudden changes in temperature in your state. A well-maintained system can also help you save energy, money, and effort. If you think that there is something wrong with it, make sure to call a specialist to immediately solve this issue.

    When calling a specialist, make sure that they are well-versed with your humidifying and dehumidifying system to ensure that your problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Having a humidification system in your home or business center in Chicago is very important. This system allows you, the other residents, and visitors to be much more comfortable from Chicago’s extreme temperature. If you wish to have your own humidification system, make sure to call a specialist near you. So, that, they can give you the best quote and advice to make your home, office, or place of business much more comfortable.airhumidifier-1

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