The Effects Of Regenerative Elevators On Generators- Whitepaper

Jennifer Kuether
Author : Jennifer Kuether
April 15, 2021
1 Minutes Read

    Regenerative drives in elevators can prevent a generator from performing its essential job of providing power to equipment, devices, and lighting. Could your building's emergency system be compromised?

    Although recent advancements in technology have made elevators more energy efficient than ever, regenerative type of drives in elevators can prevent a building’s generator from performing its essential job to provide power to equipment, devices, and lighting for particular scenarios which are outlined in this white paper.

    A defective generator can result in interruption or damage to products/processes, hamper rescue operations or, worst of all, create serious life safety hazards. It is important to understand the effects of regenerative type elevators for the case of a brand-new building or an existing building in which the elevators are being replaced. Could your building’s emergency system be compromised?

    Download this white paper from Chicago Engineers and find out why the effect of regenerative loads on a generator should be considered at the beginning of a design for new buildings and factored into decisions made when refurbishing elevators in existing buildings.

    *This whitepaper written by Jennifer Kuether was first published in Facility Exclusive on February 19, 2019.

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