5 Tips for Hiding Plumbing Access Panel | Types of Access Panel

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    Your commercial building requires various systems to keep it running. Although these components are essential, they become an eyesore and a safety hazard when left exposed. An effective way of addressing these issues is by installing access doors and panels to hide and protect them against unauthorized access.

    Before access doors became a necessary addition in buildings, many business owners concealed fixtures, valves, and wires in the ceiling, behind partitions, and underneath the floor, such as a stainless steel access door with a surface mount. One of the challenging systems to hide is the plumbing system.

    To offer some ideas on how to hide your plumbing access panels, here are some tips that you can consider and other necessary information you might need.

    Suit The Finish to The Surface

    You can select several finishes or coatings when choosing your access doors. You can use a powder-type or aluminum coat to accent the panel's overall design if you have a specific wall. If necessary, paint the access door if it does not affect its functionality. You may also need to paint a warning or cautionary sign or choose a painting that goes well with the background.

    Install Virtually Invisible Access Panels

    Another effective way of concealing access doors is to buy units that blend seamlessly and provide a neat 1/16" reveal after installation. These products also offer a paint-ready door leaf that allows users to apply their desired paint once installed.

    Consider Placing a Decor

    Place ornamental items in front of your wall or ceiling access panel to conceal the unit. Choose a sturdy and stable piece that you or your maintenance personnel can easily remove if needed.

    Covering it with a painting is also an excellent idea as you can use the painting as a decoration to hide the access opening. Depending on its size, you can cover it and even use it as an entryway to a secret compartment.

    Select a Low-Traffic Zone

    Install your access panels in an open area with less traffic. Working with your chosen contractors and designers will help you develop an exciting interior for your commercial property. During the construction phase, ask about mounting options above the ceiling or beneath the floor surface.

    Place an Air Return

    The access panel door has a double role and blends in with its environment thanks to incorporating a frameless, louvered air return. Placing air ventilation has the advantage of being adaptable to various sizes. They are flush with the drywall and do not protrude too far.

    You can integrate the access door or panel into the design like you would an air return. For instance, suppose you desire a roof hatch for your patio. You can use a skylight roof hatch that leads to your terrace. It is part of the design, but it also lets natural light into the structure, saving you money on electricity.

    Types of Plumbing Access Doors and Panels

    1. Flush Panel

    You can remove or attach a pivot hinge on your flush access panels to the frame. It's also a corrosion-resistant panel that doesn't degrade and has a locking mechanism that keeps the parts secure.

    1. Plastic Access Panel

    Manufacturers use plywood as the go-to construction material in many plumbing access panels. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where it is not suitable. Plastic access panels are essential because they are more expensive than wooden ones. It is costly due to its effectiveness and high-quality components that prevent fading and corrosion.

    1. Wooden Access Panel

    For a more conventional approach to concealing plumbing elements, you can use access panels constructed of plywood. Although it lacks the resilience of metal or plastic, it's an excellent panel to use if you're going for a rustic or classic look.

    1. Metal Access Panel

    If the plastic or plywood access panel types bother you, perhaps you require something more durable, such as metal. Luckily, metal access panels are available for purchase. The most excellent feature is that it's fire-resistant and has a medium level of protection to keep unauthorized people out.

    1. Louvered Plumbing Access Door

    Are you considering adding some flair to your ceiling and wall surfaces? Louvered access doors and panels can help with it. You can install it in various ways, making it one of the most adaptable access doors available.

    The Takeaway

    Hiding your plumbing access panel to prevent unauthorized access and protect your critical utility components is challenging. However, by working with a competent licensed professional and following these tips, you'll be able to get the best advice for your setting and plan the best course of action specifically for your building.

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