Types of Services Provided by Roofing Contractors

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    Roofing contractors can typically provide various services to their customers, most of which are roof-related issues, but many also give extra assistance for convenience. The services will vary depending on whether your chosen professional specializes in residential roofing, commercial roofing, or both.

    Roofing contractors oversee the whole operation of roof installation from start to finish, much like general contractors handle a large team of specialized professionals throughout a ground-up building project. Roofing contractors not only supervise the tasks on your project but also help guide it through the permits and inspection stages.

    Here are the types of services your roofing contractor may provide for you and some more information that you may find fascinating:

    Project Management

    Your roofing project may require multiple teams to finish. There will be personnel who will replace your old roof and transport it off, and roofers who will place the new roofing surface. These professionals will not work unless someone orders the necessary supplies and schedules their delivery on time.

    The roofing contractor is effectively a project manager who organizes and controls every aspect of the installation process, from planning, and procurement of materials, to managing the skilled worker you hire and ensuring that you hit all project milestones.


    Proper installation is the most crucial element of a roofing project. Your roofing contractor will ensure that personnel utilizes the correct materials and complete the installation according to industry best practices. The contractor will function as your spokesperson and middleman, ensuring that the roofing installation is according to your specifications and that you are happy with the outcome.

    They must oversee every detail of the project. If, for instance, you're renovating a space to become a music studio and it requires sound-rated access panels installed, your roofing contractor must ensure that everyone involved knows how to handle it correctly and place the installation according to your specifications.


    Although a roofing contractor may not focus on inspections, most contractors can assess your roofing project's demands and provide you with a quotation. Roofing installation starts with a consultation, during which they will determine the project's scope and all of its components. After a preliminary assessment of the project, they'll be able to provide an estimate so that all involved are aware of the roofing installation cost.


    You won't have to understand the permit process or navigate your local authorities to receive the go-ahead to start the project if you employ a roofing contractor. They can handle that operation, enabling you to focus on other areas. You can also depend on your contractor to ensure that the proper authorities are the ones who conduct the inspection and clear it for completion once installed.

    Project Assessment

    Among the most typical services a roofing contractor renders for your endeavor is project assessment, which occurs once the contractor understands the scope of your undertaking. They can set several parameters during the project, including timing and planning, after assessing the job and its requirements in terms of labor and materials.

    Once the estimate is acceptable and you sign the contract with them, they can plan the phases of the project and the workers assigned to do the job.

    Residential vs. Commercial

    Residential Roofers

    Although not all roofs are the same, some are steep, and others are flat, a residential roofing contractor can typically help with any of your roofing needs. Among these services are:

    • They oversee the inspection of your roof for damage caused by a severe windstorm or deterioration.
    • Repair tiny, isolated faults on your roof, such as shingles that are shifting or missing.
    • Cleaning your roof and addressing minor problems such as broken or lifted shingles are part of the restoration process.
    • A roofing contractor will replace and discard the old shingles, condition your roof, and place new shingles if they are nearing the end of their functional life span.
    • When the unexpected happens, most roofing experts will be ready to assist you with your leaking roof or any storm damage from the night before.
    • Downspouts, gutters, and soffit run along the edge of your roof and direct any runoff away from your house. All these elements are essential components of a thriving roofing environment.

    Commercial Roofers

    Commercial roofing contractors, like residential ones, offer various choices to help their clients keep the performance and durability of their commercial roofs. These services consist of:

    • Since most commercial roofs are flat, trash and debris build on the roof. Commercial roofing contractors will provide a routine maintenance plan that covers cleaning and checking for any symptoms of possible issues.
    • If the problem is isolated, they can repair minor pieces of a large commercial roof. Most of these issues emerge in regions where water accumulates or sits, causing damage or deterioration to the top faster than in other areas.
    • All commercial roofs will eventually require replacement.
    • Emergency service is available for commercial buildings to assist with any unforeseen leaks or damage.

    The Takeaway

    Not all roofing companies provide the services listed above, and some may even offer extra services unrelated to your roof. It would be best to always work with a certified and insured roofing contractor, regardless of the service you require. For instance, if you're in need of high-quality gutter-related services, you can count on GutterSupply, a reputable provider offering a range of products from gutters to gutter guards and gutter machines. Do your homework, ask for a reference, and screen them properly to ensure that you hire one you can work with for your projects.

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