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From healthy energy consumption of occupants to elimination of energy wasters, sub-metering disrupts the market with sustainable changes.

Less Operating Costs

Secure long-term utility savings and maximum return on investment with transparent energy bills and off-peak rates. No hidden costs on rent.

Facilities Management

Set accurate and realistic benchmark for your business or organization by cross-referencing electric data from your storage rooms, warehouses and buildings over time.

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Sub-Metering or Direct Metering

Efficiency is just around the corner, if you only look for one. There are various ways to improve the system and cut back on the staggering electric utility costs imposed by your utility company. At NY Engineers, this is the exact case why we lean towards and would want you to look into direct metering, or most commonly called as, sub-metering.

If this sounds foreign to you, we can start by breaking down the complex electrical terms into simple tidbits of information. Let us start with the basics. Sub-metering or direct metering is completely opposite from the conventional master-metering. With the former, you are given reigns to take control of your energy usage since your electric bill consumption is passed on over to your individually-installed, building-owned power meter after it has reached the primary utility meter.

Whereas, for the latter, you are left to carry all the extra loads from your neighbors in the condominium because the single-point, utility-owned power meter accounts for everyone’s electric bill consumption in a multi-residential setting. As an electrical consumer looking at all vantage points, whichever way you look at it, it is unfair on your side.

“User pay” is non-existent, so you inevitably pay more for your electric bills than what you actually spend. You subsidize your neighbors’ utility costs because your landlord, property manager or your condominium owner charges you based on the number of occupants or the square footage of your rental apartment, but not directly on how much energy you consume.

Your neighbors pay less for their high energy consumption, while you pay more for your low energy consumption. In short, you have no control and inequality prevails.

At NY Engineers, we do not want you to get the short end of the stick. We promote fairness and equality and incorporate these values in our professional practice and design expertise. Our duly licensed professional electrical engineers are well-versed in designing sub-metering or direct metering for your medium-scale to large-scale multi-family residences, commercial settings and industrial applications

Limitless Benefits with Sub-Metering or Direct Metering

Although there are good, bad and ugly points, sub-metering or direct metering far outweighs its pros over cons when laid down in an apple-to-apple comparison.

At NY Engineers, we understand the core principles on how you can use sub-metering or direct metering to your utmost benefit. Transparency is at its finest with this innovative electrical metering in place. Large discrepancies are thrown down the drain since real-time monitoring of your energy consumption now provides you accurate results. Where before you are presented with baseless estimates of your electric bills, now you have a much better leverage to negotiate your user's position when you utilize sub-metering or direct-metering.

If demand is greater than supply, your utility company will charge greater cost per kWh during peak times to influence users to cut back on energy consumption. This requires urgency and if not intervened with actionable results from your utility company to your end, then reaching dangerous capacity levels could derail the power grid.

This is the whole concept of peak demand management. At NY Engineers, our duly licensed professional electrical engineers help you redirect your concerted efforts into utilizing your sub-metering or direct metering by shifting to off-peak times. With detailed energy consumption coupled with exact time of usage in your hand, you are better equipped to take advantage of off-peak rates – leading to more utility savings for you and a well-managed electrical grid.

However, if you are on the other side of the condominium owners and property managers, you are far better off if you subject your end-users to sub-metering or direct metering.

By giving your tenants the autonomy and responsibility to track their energy consumption, over time they can undo wasteful electrical consumption habits and decrease their individual energy consumption – driving a decline in the building’s overall energy costs. Most definitely, this is a given plus for you once your future potential end-users learn that you take sustainable measures into account. It’s a win-win situation.

In industrial plants and facilities, you need big data to be informed of the patterns and trends in your energy cost allocation. As you accumulate information for your energy data tracking over time, sub-metering or direct metering once again puts you in a place where you are better informed to make decisions for the sustainable growth of your business.

The extent can go so far as large-scale reduction of your overall utility costs, to micro-monitoring of inefficient mechanical, electrical or plumbing equipment. More so, you are given early access to calibrate and repair your most critical equipment to their optimal state even before the machine failure happens. Once you have identified the culprit through the sub-metering data, you can eliminate wasted energy and deliver proactive solutions even before the problem happens.

At NY Engineers, we prompt you in taking advanced measures to optimize the energy performance of your residential, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. The business model of master-metered buildings is long gone and obsolete. It is about time that our skilled electrical engineers redesign your outdated master-metered buildings into modern sub-metering or direct metering system so you – whether you belong on the opposite sides of end users or landlords – can enjoy the countless benefits from it. Take the calculated leap and see how sub-metering changed the electrical landscape of our valued clients.


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