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Special Inspection Service

  • Shortest turnaround of 1 week
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  • Avoid potential violations
  • Get the solutions from the industry experts
  • Focus on safety and energy conservation

NYC MEP Special Inspection

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Special Inspection Service for the Construction Industry

Ensure Project Compliance and Maintain Standards of Quality
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Many buildings in the USA suffered structural failures in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The U.S. House of Representatives found that many of the mishaps could have been avoided through inspections. This led to the drafting of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code.

Since then, special inspections have formed a part of any construction project. Various jurisdictions have adopted some form of building codes which must be followed by contractors. Agencies like the Department of Buildings (DOB) and Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA) have made it mandatory to carry out special inspections.

Now you cannot execute your project or get the letter of completion unless special inspections are performed. Special inspections make sure that the construction takes place according to the approved plan. You can be sure of completing your work without any deviation. It's crucial to pass the DOB standards, IBC codes and legal requirements to complete your project. Otherwise, you can invite action or fine from the jurisdiction agencies. Surely you don't want to hamper your project!

Special inspections help you to meet the quality standards laid down by the agencies.   is a certified special inspection agency in New York. We have been helping clients bring success to their projects for a long time. We have highly trained and qualified inspectors who have examine countless properties around the nation.

N have created an effective process from years of experience in special inspections. Let us help you achieve compliance with building codes and ordinances and create a safe building. We undertake all types of special inspections involving soil and foundation, steel elements, masonry work, concrete construction and more.

Who can Perform Special Inspections?

Earlier, architects or engineers were able to perform controlled inspections for different projects. But now you must hire an authorized special inspection agency for the work. The agency must be accredited to the International Accreditation Service (IAS) in order to perform the inspections.

The IAS grants accreditations only to agencies which meet the requirements of the International Building Code and New York City Building Code. IAS makes a thorough inspection of the agency, the inspection procedures, the competence of the staff and reporting processes.

IAS grants accreditation only to agencies who have the competence to carry out special inspections.   is an accredited special inspection agency meeting the requirements in building code and standards. It means that we are trusted by the marketplace and building departments. That is exactly why clients are ready to put their trust in us!

The accreditation acts as a seal of approval for the industry and means that we are among the best. You can hire our inspectors with full confidence with a guarantee for the best results. We have conducted special inspections for many clients and can help you execute your project without any glitches.

A Dedicated Team Of Qualified Special Inspectors

Experienced Special Inspection Team for an Effective Outcome
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The quality of any inspection depends on the competence of the person who performs it. You also need relevant experience and exposure to various industries and testing methods.

 hires only qualified and highly trained special inspectors to do the job. The inspectors observe structural and critical features of the building to verify compliance. They know every construction code and protocol in the book. The inspectors can spot any violation of ordinances when there is still time left for your contractor to correct the mistake.

The inspectors also stay on top of the latest developments in the construction industry. They are always updated about any new rule issued by the DOB and other agencies. If anything new has come into effect, we will have knowledge of it! You can achieve full compliance with the help of our special inspectors.

Our special inspectors have been working in the industry for a long time. Each of them has strong experience in their field with a passion for inspection. You can rely on their keen eyes to detect any deviation from plans and construction codes. We equip our inspectors with the latest technology so that they can offer a high-quality and accurate service.

If the inspectors notice any nonconforming work, they notify the contractor immediately. Our inspectors ensure that your project meets the specifications of the approved plan.

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Overview of Special Inspection Services

offer comprehensive special inspection programs. We always assure quality and successful execution of your project. Our inspectors bring quality control capabilities into your project. We conduct special inspections related to installation, fabrication, particular structural components and construction materials.

Any aspect of the construction that needs attention, knowledge and expertise qualifies for special inspections. Special inspections enhance the communication between the designer, contractor and the  jurisdiction building officials.

The main goal of special inspections is to create a safe building for the public. You can also become worry-free knowing all work is progressing according to approved plans. Ultimately, you can execute your project in full abidance with the local building codes and standards.

Our special inspection team will examine different components of the project as required by the law. Some of our special inspections include the following-

1. Soil and Foundation Inspections

Our special inspectors will evaluate your site preparation before you can apply prepared fills. Aspects like maximum lift thickness and verification of fill material also form a part of inspections. We will also inspect the installation and test the pier and pile foundations.

All structural foundation elements like caissons, spread and continuous footings, earthwork need to follow the building code. Some of the components of soil and foundation inspection include-

  • Assessment of excavation depths and materials
  • Classification of soil
  • Inspection of compacted fill materials
  • Evaluation of materials and densities
  • Shallow foundations
  • Verification of site preparedness
  • Driven deep foundations
  • Helical pile foundations
  • Inspection for seismic resistance

A proper soil and foundation inspection is the first step to ensure a safe and sound project that meets the codes.

2. Concrete Inspections

Concrete work in your project needs to undergo special inspections. Specified concrete elements like cast-in-place concrete need to follow the building code and require inspection. Other structural elements can include mat foundations, pre-stressed concrete, reinforced concrete, and post-tensioned concrete.

Special inspections also test and sample fresh concrete used on the site. Concrete inspections may also include installation observation of formwork, anchor bolts and reinforcing steel.

3. Masonry Inspections

Masonry work is constantly evolving and has become more detailed than in the past. On top of that, regulations have impacted masonry work and led to its modification. For example, the design loads went through a modification in recent years affecting masonry. Contractors need to conduct masonry work with high reinforcement even in areas that don't have risks of earthquakes.

Our special inspectors will verify site-prepared grout and mortar to ensure they follow the approved plan and construction standards. We will assess the construction of mortar joints and the placement of connectors and reinforcements.

Masonry veneer, glass unit masonry and empirically designed masonry must be inspected for any construction. Any vertical masonry foundation element will also need special inspections.

Our special inspections enable you to catch mistakes while they are still relatively easy for the contractor to address. Special inspections also ensure public life safety of masonry structures and required by the building code.

4. Steel and Structural Steel Inspections

Any construction used various steel elements and some of them need special inspections. Our qualified inspectors will ensure that all steel connections comply with the specified acceptable criteria. We will use mechanical, visual, non-destructive and destructive methods to test the steel elements as per requirement.

Elements like hot-rolled steel and cold-formed steel need inspections for fire-resistant materials and fire-resistant coatings. You will also need inspections for steel fabricator and fabrication procedures as per IBC standards.

We will also carry out material verification of washers, nuts and bolts. You will need special inspections for structural steel and any steel construction other than structural steel. Any welding and weld filler material also come under the scope of special inspections. You will also have to inspect reinforcing steel and cold-formed steel elements spanning 60 feet or more.

5. Wood Inspections

Use of wood in construction invites special inspections. The woods elements need to comply with various aspects like seismic requirements, structural codes, and so on.

The special inspector needs to look at various elements while conducting the inspection related to wood. He will look into the fabrication process of prefabricated wood used in assemblies and structural elements. Material verification is also needed for sheathing and framing products, connections and fasteners. This is done to ensure that the products used comply with the grade and thickness mentioned in the approved building plans.

It is also the duty of the inspector to evaluate the nominal size of framing elements at adjoining panel edges. He will also determine whether the number of fasteners and the spacing between each line and edges are according to approved plans.

The structural wood will need continuous special inspections to test against wind-force resistance. We will also carry out periodic inspections for aspects like bolting, nailing, anchoring and other fastening components.

6. Fire-Proofing Inspection

Sprayed fire-resistant materials used for flooring, roofing and wall assemblies must follow the specified codes. Our special inspection services ensure that fire-resistance design is according to approved construction documents. You will also need a range of special inspections after initial installation of mechanical and plumbing systems, electrical systems, automatic sprinklers and ceiling suspension systems.

Structural elements that use mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings will also need special inspections.

Our inspectors will also test fire-resistant penetrations and joints. These include through-penetrations, membrane penetration firestops, fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire barrier systems.

Additional Inspections

You may need additional special inspections based on the scope of your project. We have qualified special inspectors in different streams who offer professional inspection services for-

  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Smoke control system
  • Construction elevators, material hoists, personnel hoists and tower cranes
  • Earth retention systems
  • Standby and emergency power systems
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Excavations- bracing, shoring and sheeting
  • Flood zone compliance
  • Mechanical demolition
  • Seismic Isolation Systems
  • Structural stability of existing buildings
  • Veneers, curtain walls and wall panels
  • Standpipe and sprinkler systems
  • Architectural systems

A Proven Process Tailored To Customer Needs

A Working Formula for Guaranteed Results
Special Inspection-02

Our special inspection team has conducted countless inspections. We have worked with clients from a multitude of industries. Retail, hospitality, health care, hotels- you just name it! Working over the years we have developed a process proven to bring success. We know what works and what doesn't!

We have used our process to create safe buildings across America. It has helped several clients achieve full compliance with building codes. Our process enables your project to stay on track and turn out as per specifications of the approved documents.

We tailor our process to accommodate the unique needs of your project. Our team understands that each client is different and may need a different approach. The same can be said about contractors. Not all contractors work in the same way. Each has its own work approach and needs special consideration.

Over the years, we have worked with contractors of all sizes and types. Some of them handle small repair work while others run full-scale construction companies. We have always synchronized with the contractors and created professional relationships. Our team knows how to coordinate with all type of contractors so that your project finishes on time.

Everything is a part of our process which is meant to deliver value. We can use our process to help you take your project from execution to success. You can count on us for a process that means business!

We work with your contractor and help him to correct nonconforming work before they turn into expensive mistakes.

Get in touch with our team to schedule special inspections or get a consultation for your project.

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