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Our speciality plumbing solutions are designed with efficiency, functionality, and longevity in mind.


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Our rapid design process is flexible and agile, and allows us to have turnaround times 50% faster than anyone else in the industry.

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Whether you have a new building or renovating, we design entire plumbing systems for commercial restaurants, residential buildings, and more.


All of our solutions are designed to use the least amount of energy for it's purpose, saving you money in energy costs over the systems lifecycle.

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Plumbing Services

provides plumbing design and management services for major industrial, commercial, residential and retail projects in New York, other parts of the US, including New Jersey and Chicago, as well as internationally. Our other engineering services include electrical engineering services, mechanical engineering services, sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, value engineering, energy modeling, building commissioning, CAD to Revit modeling, BIM services, construction administration, utility filings and engineering reports.

Plumbing - an integral part of MEP specialism.

We are well experienced in the field of plumbing. When you hire NY Engineers, you hire an established engineering firm with years of experience in plumbing working with the best people, technology and processes in the industry and specific MEP expertise.

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Our plumbing services

We have provided plumbing engineering services over the last two decades, mostly in New York, but also in other parts of the US, such as New Jersey and Chicago as well as internationally. Plumbing projects have been implemented across major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government and non-profit projects and environmentally certified assets.

Meeting a range of needs

NY Engineers’ team of qualified plumbing engineers is experienced in providing a range of plumbing engineering services for multiple types of plumbing engineering design project to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector that you need assistance with. It works closely with the qualified mechanical and electrical engineering teams as well as our other engineering service teams. Our strength lies in serving the domestic plumbing sector.

Our plumbing engineering services are often required to help achieve international, national or state safety compliance, information management, environmental management or quality certification (such as ISO19650, 1SO14001, 1SO9001, US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED certification, New York Government Department of Buildings and US Landlord approvals). They are also often needed as part of MEP or construction services cost bidding, upholding quality MEP or construction workmanship, and/or enabling a smooth MEP or construction process.

Our experienced and qualified team of plumbing engineering project designers, technicians and managers can utilize the latest technology and processes, to design, manage and deliver 2D and 3D drawings and comprehensive graphical and non-graphical design and information, including BIM for your plumbing engineering project, as required at any point during the project lifecycle, from inception through to completion, commissioning and beyond.

The 4 steps of the NY Engineers plumbing engineering service are:

  1. Project planning (consultation and quotation)
  2. Plumbing engineering (including CAD drafting, CAD conversion, CAD to BIM conversion, and as required)
  3. Project reviews (design change management / quality control)
  4. Project delivery (multiple formats available)
Plumbing engineering design

At we offer an expert plumbing engineering design service for all stages of a construction or building services project to meet deadline and energy efficiency requirements.

Our plumbing engineering designs include floor plans, diagrams, schedules, equipment, specifications and construction details relating to plumbing equipment, pipework and other related fittings and accessories. These are all reviewed, signed and sealed by a licensed professional plumbing design engineer.

Best Plumbing Engineering Services In The US

Domestic Hot Water Piping is used to convey hot water for kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs and other appliances and careful design is needed to conserve energy and water and to comply with code.

are experts in designing your domestic hot water distribution system with skilled proficiency, matched with state-of-the-art workflow technology and equipment to meet code requirements.

We provide a hot water piping design service, to fine-tune hot water heating storage systems, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and hot water distribution water systems so they function in accordance with each other and meet code requirements.

Domestic Cold Water Piping either brings water from the main supply lines into a domestic building at the mains flow rate or is used to convey waste water and is referred to as domestic cold water piping. Careful design is needed to conserve water and to comply with code.

team of plumbing engineers is well versed in designing and sizing domestic cold water supply, often with CPVC, copper and PEX tubing, and wastewater piping systems.

We provide domestic cold water piping system design service for pipework serving water-saving plumbing fixtures, and cold water distribution water systems and meet code requirements.

Domestic Hot Water Return Piping is required where occupants require hot water to be available instantaneously.

At our expert team of plumbing engineers understand the importance of safe design of domestic hot water return piping, with non-ferrous bronze or stainless steel and ideally copper piping.

We provide a domestic hot water return pipe design and sizing service for pipework serve water-saving plumbing fixtures, and hot water distribution water systems and meet code requirements.

Natural Gas Domestic Hot Water Generation systems are becoming more popular with the shift away from an oil-based economy to more sustainable options.

expert plumbing engineering team can design and specify natural gas domestic hot water generation systems on a case-by-case basis to suit the requirements of each application.

We provide a natural gas domestic hot water generation system design and specification service that will contribute to cost reduction, sustainable growth and improving benchmarks.

Although suited to industrial and commercial applications, steam domestic hot water generation systems have good heat transfer capability for domestic applications too either by either injecting direct steam or indirect water heating.

plumbing engineers can establish pipe sizes and flow rates for steam domestic hot water generation purposes. 

We provide a steam domestic hot water generation system design and specification service to enable such systems to be comfortable, energy-efficient and built to last.

Electric Domestic Hot Water Generation is an energy-efficient means of providing hot water to a home, particularly for bathroom and attic applications where fuel-based systems are not allowed. Careful design and specification is required however to ensure safe and practical installation to meet code.

Our team of plumbing engineers at can establish the required electrical domestic water heater sizes, positions and connections, including valves for safe and efficient electric domestic hot water generation applications.

We provide an electric domestic hot water generation design and specification service to ensure applications are safe, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

Domestic Hot Water Storage is a vital part of a domestic hot water system, alongside the distribution system and fuel source and needs to be accurately sized to maximise energy efficiency.

 expert plumbing engineering team can assist in the design and specification of a domestic hot water storage system.

We provide a domestic hot water storage systems service that provides flexibility and customisation.

Domestic Water Booster Pumping Systems are pump systems that increase water pressure and flow rates and are often used in systems where there is an inconsistent demand for water.

At   our team of plumbing engineering experts can size pumps, determine flow rates and appropriate pump quantities for any given situation.

We provide domestic water booster pumping systems that are comfortable, energy-efficient and built-to-last.

Roof drains come in a variety of forms and sizes, from half-round guttering to siphonic roof drain systems for flat roofs and complex roof areas, there are a wide range of solutions to capture rainwater but correct design and specification is required to suit roof designs.

 plumbing engineers cooperate with utilities providers for complete roof drain system design and installation.

We provide a roof drain design and specifications service that prevents property damage, protects electrical wiring and saves maintenance costs.

Vent piping design is an important part of the drain waste vent system for the removal of waste water and sewage from a building. Plumbing vent pipes supply fresh air into the plumbing system to allow it to be transferred away.

 plumbing engineers can determine where they can and cannot be located, how much space is needed for vent stacks, and the space needed around them.

We provide a vent piping design and specification service that is accurate, robust and efficient.

Natural Gas Piping design and installation needs to maximize space, minimize construction cost and be efficient.

At  , we can assist gas pipe maintenance through inspection and using advanced diagnostic tools to spot leakage, material rusting, incorrect connections, incorrect labeling of copper tubing, missing valves and more.

We provide a natural gas piping design and specification service that is cost effective, efficient and versatile, as well as environmentally friendly.

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Plumbing engineering management

provides plumbing engineering management services to combine solve plumbing engineering problems and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises.

We often provide plumbing  engineering management services for HVAC projects.

Our plumbing engineering management services are overseen by licenced plumbing engineers.

Construction administration

For more information on our plumbing engineering service related to contract administration, see: contract administration service.

Utility filings

For more information on our plumbing engineering service related to utility filings, see: utility filing service. We interface with the utility companies and agency such as Con Edison and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Engineering reports

For more information on our plumbing engineering service related to engineering reports, see: engineering report service.

Storm Water Management SD1&2 certification

Storm Water Management (SD-1&2) sewer certification (sewer availability certification or site development plans) is needed for domestic sewer connection applications or site connection proposals

licenced plumbing engineers can prepare applications to seek certification that the public sewer where new connections are proposed are adequate and appropriate to receive site sanitary and/or storm flow from a new development.

We provide a timely, accurate and cost-effective storm water management SD1&2 certification service.

Value engineering

For more information on our plumbing engineering service related to value engineering, see: value engineering service.

Building commissioning

For more information on our plumbing engineering service related to building commissioning (and building condition assessments), see: building commissioning service.


Discover more about our plumbing engineering projects

Discover more about our plumbing engineering projects in major manufacturing, commercial (office, restaurant and retail), hotels, healthcare, education, government, non-profit, residential and/or retail sectors)

Through offering our plumbing service across all sectors we aim to ensure:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Expertise in a variety of solutions

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