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Instantly available for emergencies

Our wet sprinkler systems are always available instantly in the event of any fire. Water is always in the pipes waiting for the sprinkler head to be activated.

Prevent Fire Damage

These systems detects fire in its infancy and act before it grows. This will prevent any further damages to the property


Wet Sprinkler Systems are very efficient. This explains why they are popular in commercial, industrial and residential areas

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Our Wet Sprinkler Systems Solutions

 Wet Sprinkler Systems

Want to get ready in the event of fire emergencies? Wet Sprinkler Systems by New York Engineers are the solution. We specialize in a wide range of sprinkler systems such as dry sprinkler systems. We are therefore confident that for every problem we have a custom solution for you.

Our engineers have multifaceted and innovative skills to manufacture varying wet sprinkler systems. In addition, we are experts in plumbing services which enable us to connect water supply efficiently to your sprinkler system for fire protection. 


Installing Wet Sprinkler Systems in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are some of the busiest businesses. As thus, they deserve priorities with regard to the wet sprinkler systems. If left unattended, the fire can cause huge loses in property or even customers in a commercial kitchen.

New York Engineers can efficiently install wet sprinkler solutions in your commercial kitchen. We provide unmatched sprinkler engineering solutions.

How Wet Sprinkler Systems Add Value to Commercial Kitchens

Running a commercial kitchen with the best customer services is interesting and money-yielding until the unfortunate event of fire comes. Every expensive item may be consumed by huge flames and thus cost the owner an exorbitant amount of money for repair and replacements. Or, even worse, the lives of innocent customers could be lost during a fire breakage. All these occurrences could be disastrous to the business hence the wet sprinkler systems were designed to prevent the disaster.

Why wet sprinkler systems?

While there are a plethora of sprinkler systems designed for light, ordinary and high hazards, wet sprinkler systems are perhaps the single most common systems in interior fire prevention methods. Alongside these systems, there are deluge systems, foam systems, dry sprinkler systems, pre-action, alternate systems (a hybrid between wet and dry systems). Each of these systems is characterized by design configurations and response time to a crisis.

These sprinkler systems involve a network of pipes that provide water to the sprinkler heads. Some systems store water in the pipe in favorable conditions, while others store a pressurized nitrogen or air to prevent water from freezing due to the freezing ambient temperatures.

New York Engineers can easily optimize this network of pipes to ensure that your commercial kitchen is ever-ready for any unforeseen fire.

Wet sprinkler systems can add an immense value to the commercial kitchen; they have more advantages than the disadvantages. Their instant response to the water sprinkling demands makes them dependable in times of shock.

If you’ve used the dry sprinkler systems, for instance, the fire would have made some damages to hot water boosters and electrical wiring before the water is dispensed from the head since the pressurized air should give way first.

Advantages of wet sprinkler systems

  • Ease of set up and low maintenance: wet sprinkler systems are easy to install and maintain. There are no complex controls as in other systems; only the network of pipes with water filled in and the sprinkler head to discharge the water. After extinguishing any fire, it also becomes easy to recover and return to normal. Also, there is no burden on maintenance costs. If the pipes are leaking, MEP engineering services could fix that.
  • Reliable and simple: these systems do not have as many components as in other systems; this makes them simple. Also, the water is always ready upon activation, which means you do not have to wait for seconds before the water is discharged. This makes the system very reliable.
  • Short recovery time: after using them in the commercial kitchen, it only takes little time to go back to normal. The fused sprinklers can be replaced and the water can be filled again by a reliable source. This short period of recovery time is attributed to the lack of additional controls in wet sprinkler systems.
  • Easy to improve: if there are any improvements to your commercial kitchen, the system can be switched off and the water supply can be halted to make any necessary adjustments or modifications to the system.
  • Extinguish the fire quickly before the fire brigade arrives: the sensor configuration of the system is effective. Any fire would be killed before it intensifies and before the fire brigade arrives.
  • Get rid of the hazardous smoke resulting from combustion: the fact that wet sprinkler systems react promptly and quickly makes them effective in killing the hazardous smoke before it leads to health hazards. If the kitchen has some flammable materials, which it’s highly possible, then wet sprinkler systems designed for high hazards could become more helpful.

There is, however, the flip side of wet sprinkler systems: possible leakage if the pipes suffer a severe impact damage, and freezing of water if installed in very cold ambient temperatures. Since commercial kitchens seldom have cold temperature surroundings, the issue of freezing water is out.

Installing wet sprinkler systems

As already indicated, the wet sprinkler systems are the easiest to install if you are technically oriented with how it works. The first thing is to ensure that there is enough water supply for your piping system because the system requires water at all the times. The exact time for the fire to occur is uncertain; as thus, the system has to be ready always.

This piping system can be complicated hence it needs experienced engineers to provide residential sprinkler systems. The second step is to have the sprinkler heads ready to install them in accordance with recommended distances. For instance, low and ordinary hazard sprinkler heads should be placed 15 feet from each other. Only the high hazard system requires a 12 feet difference between the heads; this could be influenced by the amount of flow and pressure needed when a commercial kitchen with extremely flammable materials is about to burn.

Sprinkler systems should be positioned directly to areas that are likely to encounter fire blasts. Note that not all the sprinkler heads can be activated; only those adjacent to the fire will discharge water.

This guideline is just concise to give you an idea of what needed to be done to install these systems. New York MEP engineering firm would know exactly which steps to follow. Following the installation part should be a periodic maintenance of the system. For a record, wet sprinkler systems require less and inexpensive maintenance.

If maintenance is compromised, the system could be subjected to possible inefficiency or leakage. It’s important to select the piping outline made of quality materials because it is not always that the kitchen experiences fire, and that could lead to corrosion if made of poor materials.

Commercial kitchens are often exposed to flammable materials. These could be the natural gas or propane fuel used in heaters, or electrical wiring used in the dishwashing machine. For this reason, if the fire breaks out, the entire kitchen could be history, with so many costs incurred.

Wet sprinkler systems are therefore indispensable in commercial kitchens. They can protect the property and the occupants in case of fire.

The kitchen should, however, make sure that the system is installed by qualified personnel with experience. These systems are more advantageous as water is readily available and they respond quickly to the fire sensor.

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