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Andaz 5th Avenue is a chic boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan that is quintessential New York City and the perfect place to express your personal style. Manhattan is all about reinvention, and our hotel philosophy is that you should be a little different. True to the Andaz concept, Andaz 5th Avenue offers uncomplicated and natural service by people who are passionate about your experience at one of the most unique hotels in New York City.

How We Helped ANDAZ - HYATT

We have provided professional plumbing engineering consultation services for the renovation. The project consists of: - mechanical design drawings depicting the installation of a new cooling system for the existing mechanical room. - plumbing design drawings depicting modifications to existing water pumps to provide VFD motors and controls for the pumps. - plumbing design drawings depicting installation of new domestic hot water storage tanks and report estimating return on investment.

485 5th Avenue, NY
Andaz 5th Avenue

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