1130 Park Avenue


1130 Park Avenue was built in 1927 and incorporated in 1951. The architect was the well-known architect George Fred Pelham, and the builders were Marcus Brown Cons. Co., Inc. There are 46 units, 15 floors in this red-brick building with a low marble base that has a double story entrance surround. Additional decorative details include as egg-and-dart strings and garland frieze and dentils add to the restrained prewar charm of the exterior of the A-list prewar cooperative. This is a full-Service White Glove Building.

How We Helped 1130 Park Avenue

NYE provided professional Special Inspections engineering services for the apartment located at 1130 Park Avenue. The project consists of special inspections of HVAC system for the apartment. Mechanical Systems Firestop, Draftstop & Fireblock Systems Final Inspection HVAC and SErvice Water Heating Equipment.

1130 Park Avenue Apt 92,
Stephen Potters Architects
$ 2000

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