­­­­­­Centerwest Development MEP

The Poppleton neighborhood of Baltimore is undergoing a rejuvenation. La Cite Development is beginning work on 2 new mixed use buildings – one at 92,000 ft2 with 86 units, the other with 257,000 ft2with 171 units - on North Schroeder Street, which will include 15,000 ft2 of neighborhood retail space on the ground level below 6 stories of affordable residential units, approximately 20% of which will be reserved as workforce housing. This is the first phase of a $1.2 billion development, and is currently the largest development project in Baltimore.


NYE provided professional MEP/FP engineering consultation services for the construction. The project consists of full MEP/FP service for the new rental residential building. Existing drawings had already been approved by the Baltimore DOB and all other agencies.



Baltimore Development, Park Square Homes I, LLC




Park Square Homes I, LLC



$ 125000



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