Nearby Engineers is attracting new engineering projects nationwide and cannot service these projects.  Nearby Engineers wants to team up with high quality, local firms to sell the project leads. The Local Firm will receive qualified project leads to grow their business effectively.

Referring Firm Role

Nearby Engineers shall digitally market engineering services by website and email marketing channels.  Project leads with contact information will come to Nearby Engineers by either an inbound phone call, website form submission, or reply to an email.  These initially unqualified leads will be immediately called within 5 minutes for a qualifying conversation to determine the urgency of the project, the legitimacy of the project, and the estimated value of the project which will be based on our transparent pricing calculator located on our website.  Unqualified leads shall be disposed of and shall not be referred to the Local Firm. Once a lead has been qualified on the phone, the lead shall be immediately transferred on the same phone call (as a live transfer without a callback delay) to the Local Firm.  An email connecting the qualified lead with all known information about the project will also be simultaneously sent to the Local Firm.  This will include at minimum: site address, project description, square footage, market sector of project, trades needed (M, E, P, Sp, FA, Struct, Civil, Arch, etc.), contact name, phone number, email, contact’s role, and other items from phone call.

Local Firm Role

The Local Firm shall be a high quality engineering firm with an excellent reputation in the local industry, and have an excellent sales process to maximize winning the project leads.  The Local Firm must be available to pick up the phone when a live transfer is being made; time is of the essence.  Next, a proposal will be prepared by the Local Firm, with a face-to-face meeting to review the proposal in order to maximize the chance of winning.  Records shall be kept of all proposals sent, follow up calls and emails, wins and losses, and repeated/referral wins generated from the initial client.  The Local Firm shall deliver the project as their own firm. It is expected that the local firm have their own business and professional licenses, liability insurance, and any other qualifications required to legally operate within the project jurisdiction. Nearby Engineers will not provide or facilitate licensing and insurance.


Nearby Engineers will be paid a one-time referral fee for each referred lead at a rate of 5% of the estimated project engineering fee with a maximum payment of $3,000. The estimated project engineering fee is priced at the lowest end of our website calculator price. For example, a $10,000 HVAC project will incur a referral fee of $500, and a $100,000 HVAC project will incur a referral fee of $3,000. This payment will be automatically charged by credit card on the same day that the lead is referred to the Local Firm.  

Repeat Projects

Based on the Local Firm’s performance, a portion of projects will likely become highly repetitive clients - yielding 5x their initial project value and even becoming lifetime clients. It is key for the local firm to cultivate this relationship to generate repeat and referral projects from the initial project.  Nearby Engineers is not charging any additional fees for repeat projects.  These valuable clients are yours to keep and grow - we are only charging for the initial introduction.


You can cancel at any time by email.

Expected Activity

Based on last year's numbers, nationwide Nearby Engineers received 477 qualified leads which were valued at $8.8M. This is an average of $18,453 per lead.   As we continue to ramp up our marketing, the volume of leads will increase. This is a new territory for Nearby Engineers, and estimate for the Local Firm to expect 1 lead per month based on current volume.

Credit Card Authorization

Nearby Engineers shall automatically charge my credit card the same day the lead is transferred.