Starbucks, VA


Starbucks was planning to open a new store in Portsmouth, Virginia. The place was a new commercial space.

The client was looking for a compact and low-cost design with all the new services.

Following were the challenges- 

  1. Design of new heating and ventilation system for the space.
  2. Design of new water, gas, and sewer (utility) services.



Our team of design experts took the challenge and provided the best design to the client.

Heating and the cooling load were calculated and rooftop units were designed to reduce the piping work and make the design compact. Water, gas, and electrical power load were calculated and new services were provided in coordination with civil work and in compliance with all local and energy conservation requirements.

Special attention was given to a selection of rooftop units to keep the gas pressure below available pressure to avoid gas booster system requirements. The exterior grease waste system was designed to keep the construction cost low.

We saved the cost and time for the client by providing quick, and affordable design within 2 weeks which resulted in the smooth start-up of a new Starbucks store before the timeline.

Scope includes plumbing, HVAC & electrical.

Area- 3000 sq. ft.

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