4 Important Ways to Use Safety Stickers in Your Engineering Projects

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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  • 4 Important Ways to Use Safety Stickers in Your Engineering Projects

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    Key Takeaways

    - With any engineering project, it is essential that you conduct a risk assessment, identify potential hazards, and comply with health and safety requirements.

    - Once you have completed your assessment, you can determine exactly what kinds of safety stickers you need to print in order to keep everyone safe.

    Engineering projects can include various kinds of potential health and safety hazards and risks, so it is important that labels and stickers are used appropriately.

    Here are just four ways in which you should use safety stickers.

    1) Use Safety Stickers on Electrical Installations

    It is important to use electrical warning stickers on any electrical installations, such as switch panels and fuse boxes, to ensure workers are warned of potential dangers.

    Things like switch panels and fuse boxes should never be opened by anyone other than an authorized electrical engineer, so the stickers you place on such items need to clearly state that and also include information like the voltage of the installation and which parts of the equipment are earthed.

    By clearly labeling potentially hazardous equipment, you can ensure no unauthorized people come into contact with hazards and provide qualified electrical engineers with important information to keep them safe.

    Do not underestimate just how important it is to use safety stickers on electrical installations. For instance, if the equipment is connected to a power supply but the voltage is not indicated on the safety sticker or the wrong voltage is stated, it could potentially result in a hazardous fire.

    2) Use Arc Flash Labeling

    It is not just electrical installations that require safety stickers.

    Under the guidelines set out by the National Fire Protection Association, workplaces must comply with the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure workers are not exposed to arc flash or other electrical hazards.

    Clear labels are required for any pieces of electrical equipment that may need examination, adjustment, or maintenance when energized.

    It is worth noting that arc flash labeling is the employer’s responsibility, not the responsibility of the manufacturer or installer of the equipment. And employees are responsible for complying with the safety procedures that are provided by the employer.

    Arc flash labeling should be used on items like panel boards, switchboards, industrial control panels, transformers, and motor control centers.

    And speaking of arc flash, you might be interested in learning about power system study calculations like arc flash, short circuit, and coordination.

    3) Use Stickers for Safety Attire

    Engineering projects always involve workers wearing and using some kind of protective equipment, from hard hats to fireproof gloves.

    Therefore, it is important that safety stickers are used in appropriate places to inform workers, and anyone else on site, that protective attire must be worn.

    For example, you could use stickers to inform workers that safety goggles must be worn when using specific machinery.

    4) Use Safety Stickers to Identify Any Potential Hazards

    Potential hazards are not limited to the engineering projects themselves. It is just as important that appropriate labeling is used in places wherever there is a potential health and safety risk.

    For instance, you should clearly label items that are hot to the touch and could cause severe burns.

    That not only means you need to include stickers with clear information on hot machinery. It also means labeling items like kettles in kitchen areas.

    Getting Custom-Made Stickers

    Thankfully, it is quick and easy to get customized safety stickers printed for all of your engineering project’s needs.

    Simply use an online site like StickerYou. You can choose from a wide variety of labels and stickers, including permanent stickers, matte stickers, waterproof stickers, vinyl stickers, clear stickers, and custom holographic stickers.

    Just choose the type of stickers you want, customize them for your specific requirements, and then choose the size and quantity that you need.

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