5 Popular Types of Construction Fasteners

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    Every machinery, component, or object in the construction industry needs to be connected in a non-permanent manner. This is where fasteners, be it those made from alloy steel, silicon bronze, aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel, come in handy. Some of the materials secured together using construction fasteners include connecting wood to steel or attaching two pieces of wood.

    When undertaking a construction project, you need to determine first the construction fastener to buy that can firmly hold the construction materials. And to help you in your decision-making process, here’s a guide on the popular types of construction fasteners to consider. With this in mind, you’ll know which construction fastener best meets your construction needs.

    What Are Construction Fasteners?

    Before you start buying construction fasteners over at this website, you need first to understand what these tools are. Construction fasteners refer to a wide range of tools used to hold together two objects in place mechanically. Because construction fasteners come in a broad range of options, there are several factors you need to know which is the best pick to get, and these include;

    • The area’s accessibility
    • The fastener’s reusability
    • The weight of materials
    • The kind of materials fastened together
    • The surrounding environment, for instance, exposure to wind, water, and the prevailing temperatures

    The joints created using construction fasteners are non-permanent. It means you can later remove them without causing the separate pieces any damage. You could not be able to do this if you had decided to weld the joint. But even though fasteners are still removable, they still guarantee a strong connection. Hence why they’re often preferred in construction for non-permanent and permanent joints.

    Now that you know what construction fasteners are, we can move on to their popular types.

    What Are the Most Popular Types of Construction Fasteners?

    There are numerous kinds of construction fasteners, and the right pick usually depends on your specific requirements. Here’s a detailed overview of the most popular construction fasteners:

    1. Nails

    These fasteners are made up of two parts: the pin and the head. They’re usually used for fastening together two different objects and are a good choice for construction because they deliver more force. Nails are also preferred because they come in a broad range of options that you can use across different applications, and these include;

    • Common nails: These nails have a thicker shank, hence delivering more substantial holding power. Because of this, one can use it across many applications.
    • Box nails: These nails have a diamond point-tip and steel construction, making them easy to drive when going about your construction project.
    • Framing nails: These fasteners come in a wide range of styles and are usually used for easy concealment and flush installation.
    • Brad nails: These nails are preferred during construction because they seamlessly blend in with wood trim.
    • Flooring nails: They’re designed to be used across different flooring materials.
    • Drywall nails: They’re designed to minimize spillage and for easy concealment.  
    • Roofing nails: These nails feature a broad head and are often used for their corrosion-resistant quality.

    Usually, nails get their names from their use, making it simpler to determine which one is the best pick for your construction project. Each type of these nails also boasts unique attributes that make them best suited for a particular use or material.    

    1. Bolts and Nuts

    Another common fastener used during construction is nuts and bolts, which typically work in tandem to hold the parts together firmly. In using these, after inserting bolts through the two pieces you wish to attach, you should follow this up by fastening it using a nut. The most common kinds of bolts and nuts include;

    • Plow bolts: These bolts are designed for heavy-duty uses like heavy equipment that have non-protruding heads.
    • Hex-head bolts: These six-sided bolts can provide you with a broad range of angles you can work with and are usually easy to take apart and put together. Hence they're often used in machinery.
    • Carriage bolts: These bolts feature countersunk or domed heads with square components below the head to ensure the bolt doesn’t move when you’re fastening the nut.
    • Allen bolts: They’re used with Allen wrenches and have a hexagonal socket.
    • Square-head bolts: They can offer you a solid grip when using a wrench due to their square heads.  
    • Flange bolts: Such bolts feature a circular flange below the head for uniformly distributing loads.
    1. Screws

    These fasteners are also another popular choice to consider when doing wood construction projects because of their versatility and considerable holding power. They feature a cylindrical body and corkscrew-shaped ridge and are covered with a head designed in different shapes. Although they’re somewhat similar to bolts, the distinct advantage is that they don’t need nuts to fasten them into position.  

    Before using the screw to fasten two items together, you first need to make a pilot hole using a drill. After that, get a screwdriver to sink the screw into position. When looking for a screw to use during construction, you should know that they come in a wide range of options, including;

    • Sheet metal screws
    • Deck screws
    • Wood screws
    • Drywall screws
    • MDF screws
    • Masonry screws
    • Machine screws
    1. Rivets

    This fastener comes with a cylindrical shaft with the tail and head on opposite sides. Rivets are the ideal type of fastener to get when looking to make a permanent joint between two components. You can also expand a rivet’s tail using a specific tool to make sure it remains firmly in position. You can get rivets for creating a permanent joint in different types, and these include:

    • Split rivets
    • Blind rivets
    • Solid rivets
    • Semi-tubular rivets
    • Split rivets
    1. Anchors

    These fasteners are also a popular pick. They're usually used for connecting an item to a material such as concrete or drywall. It got its name because it performs the same role as a boat anchor to ensure the ship is firmly held in position and doesn’t move after being docked. Anchors come in various types, including;

    • Screw anchors
    • Sleeve anchors
    • Internally threaded anchors
    • Masonry pin and screw anchors
    • Hollow wall anchors
    • Drive anchors
    • Externally threaded anchors


    Construction projects essentially involve attaching different pieces using various fasteners to ensure safe and robust construction. Each of its types is designed for distinct purposes during construction. After reading this blog post, you can know the popular types of construction fasteners you should consider for your upcoming building project.

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