Electrical Riser Diagrams: How Do They Help?

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    An electrical riser diagram helps you know the system layout, which could come in handy if you are looking at a large rise building in Chicago. You would know about the electrical wiring that has gone up in the building vertically, in a way that's organized, safe, and orderly manner. Electrical risers often share space together with telecom and internet cables. At times, they also share space with piping of city water and gas supply, exhaust ducts, water supplying sprinkler and fire safety systems if the Chicago building codes allow for it.

    As per Chicago building codes for instancethe entrance between two floors must be closed with fire sealants, which can prevent the fire from spreading between two floors.

    In some cases, there isn't a solid floor between electrical risers, and you can see through other floors. This makes it easy for finding out where the wires are going and it also makes planning easy in case new wires need to be laid out as you can just look and see which cable tray or path is more east to be used.

    Designing Electrical Riser Diagrams

    Only a person with experience in electronics can read and design an electrical riser diagram. It begins by looking at the service entrance location and asking the local utility company in Chicago about the service voltage that is available.

    Then, the attention is shifted to small things like locating the area of electrical closets, shafts, and vaults. This is fairly easier to do in a high-rise building. After that, the designer moves from one level to the next and vertically above and efficiently finds the position of distribution switchboards and panels about the branch wiring design. In totality, all these components add up to form the electrical power distribution system.

    After the iterative design has been established, the electrical engineer inspects to see if all the allocated components are working together and contribute to the efficient electrical performance of the building. He looks at how the different specifications of multiple electrical components are working together so that you get to know how the power, lighting, ventilation, heating and elevator systems work in your building.

    A skilled electrical engineer can design electrical riser diagrams in all aspects and types of residential or commercial units. He/she specializes in blending the diversity between the special design features of residential, commercial, institutional power riser diagrams. He makes sure that your building's electrical power distribution system runs smoothly by effectively and efficiently planning, doing design development, site installation, facility maintenance, and turnover.

    Reasons Why You Will Need Electrical Riser Diagrams

    It is important to have a basic or brief understanding of electrical riser diagrams even if you're someone unfamiliar with technical aspects to ensure effective maintenance of your building facility.

    Electrical riser diagrams are your go-to tool when you want to look at your building's electrical distribution system from a detailed perspective. Other than that you will need a document in the form of electrical riser diagrams to show to electrical engineers if your building requires detailed electricity maintenance check every quarter because of Chicago city codes.

    Every electrical engineer who is experienced knows how important electrical riser diagrams are.

    You Know What's Where

    An efficient electrical engineer keeps their electrical riser diagrams free of unnecessary information and minimalistic to guide you on the relation between the most important components of the electrical power distribution system or EDS in your building. He won't confuse you with unnecessary extra information on the detailed layout of the convenience receptacles, lighting and branch circuits. He helps you see the bigger picture before you dive into the details so that you can plan a solid step-by-step path to success.

    Makes it Easy for Your Electrician

    It is never advisable to send an electrician or electrical engineer into your building's areas with electronic wiring without a proper introduction to your building's electrical power distribution system.

    At first, a quick may seem efficient and time-saving. However, over the longer run, a building's electrical riser diagram becomes important. A single mistake can be dangerous to human life and can cause accidents.

    Helps You Minimize Hazards

    If you are not paying attention to the electrical riser diagram of your building you're indirectly letting potential and unexpected electrical hazards, harm the safety and life of your building's electrical engineers, and not taking in consideration of double or triple the expenses in case accidents occur. When you use your building's electrical riser diagrams to your advantage, you're not only saving time but also money as you ensure strict safety standards in your Chicago building complex.

    When you invest in electrical riser diagrams, not only are you saving yourself from unnecessary hospital trips but also improving your electrical engineer's productivity. You are up-to-date with the knowledge that your building's electrical system follows and is built in compliance with all the Chicago building codes.

    Other than all this, you also have good knowledge about every detail, type, and the rating of the electrical equipment and components in your Chicago building facility right from service transformer at the ground owned by the utility company to the elevator details of the penthouse on the top floor.

    Get a professional electrical design: Meet building codes and reduce your power bills.

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    Here is what you're looking at with a good electrical riser diagram.

    Smooth and easy operation

    Use your electrical riser diagram blueprint to keep your electrical power distribution system running as smooth as butter.

    Ensure Safety Of Life

    Remove the risk of possible electrical accidents and make your electrician's safety a priority so that you don't have to bear the cost of additional expenses from workplace accidents.

    Instant Actions

    Have an idea about your electrical equipment to spot potential problems effectively and take steps to prevent them immediately.

    The right electrical riser drawings is just one of the ingredients for a successful construction project, helping create a safer experience for everyone.

    An electrical design makes your building safer, while reducing your power bills. NY Engineers has completed over 1000 projects, and you can email at info@ny-engineers.com or call .

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