Why Businesses Need To Consider Installing EV Station in 2024

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    While the electric vehicle market has been growing at a tremendous rate, the recent initiatives in plan by the current administration have created opportunities which makes it essential to consider installing electric vehicle charging stations. The NEVI program will provide nearly $5 billion over 5 years to create a network of EV charging stations across U.S. The best part about electric vehicles is that they are driven by batteries, so drivers don’t have to worry about gas stations, which makes their driving experience clean and carefree. 

    The only problem with electric cars is the availability of charging stations. Several studies have found that fear and anxiety are the main reasons why more people aren’t switching to electric vehicles. For this reason, providing more strategically placed charging stations will encourage people to switch from combustion vehicles to electric vehicles.

    A report by IBM found that about 57% consumers were willing to change their habits to go green, promote sustainability, and reduce the environmental impact. This translates to opportunities for property managing companies and property managers to focus on building EV charging stations in their complex. Keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with this article where we are highlighting why the building owners need to look out for EV charging infrastructure in 2022.

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    Building EV Charging Stations at Properties

    If we talk about the global picture, drivers are embracing electric vehicles at an expanding pace. As electric vehicle adoption is speeding up, people will now be looking for places where they can park, shop, and eat in light of the accessibility of charging stations. Offering EV charging stations to the people would be an effective method to generate revenue and footfall increment. If you are a property managing company, you can install EV charging stations to make differentiation and gain additional income.

    EV Charging Station Benefits for Building Owners

    By now, we have talked about the basic things about the installation of an EV charging station. Business owners can attract a clientele that cares about going green and wishes to make a positive impact on the environment. The leading businesses in this competition who take the principal action can receive many rewards like earning revenue from charging stations based on their use. Now, we will be covering the EV charging station benefits for building owners.

    1. Having electric vehicle charging stations installed at your property will attract new EV owners and hold the tenants who are shifting to new electric cars and bikes. As mentioned earlier, the rising demand coupled with the government initiatives for electric vehicles, building owners can benefit from the local and state incentive programs
    2. Even hospitals can benefit from installing EV charging stations as air quality and health are directly linked to each other making electric cars and charging stations a perfect fit for hospitals
    3. Businesses that are planning to install EV charging stations may retain more employees who have owned EVs as it allows them to charge their vehicles during the typical working day. 
    4. Lastly, introducing electric vehicle charging stations on your property can lead to a heartier environment. It can additionally decrease the weight of the climate by connecting to inexhaustible assets like solar energy.
    5. Numerous EV drivers will probably need to have the choice to charge while they shop. If you have installed an EV charging station at your shop, it means that you are keeping your business ahead of others. Many businesses are trying to compete with the online shopping platforms; amid this situation, it is turning out to be increasingly more critical to give an unrivaled shopping experience.

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