300 Cadman Plaza

Founded in 1983, the Institute for Family Health empowers its patients to take control of their health annually. They operate 27 health care centers in Manhattan, the Bronx and the Hudson Valley that provide primary care, behavioral health, dental, and social services for nearly 100,000 patients annually, while helping to reach out into the community. This institution also helps to eradicate barriers to healthcare, as well as racial and ethnic disparities in care and outcomes.


is providing mechanical, electrical and fire protection engineering consulting services to renovate 2 separate spaces within the 300 Cadman Plaza West building. One space shall undergo Department of Health, Article 31 review for a mental health care space. The second shall undergo Department of Health, Article 28 review for outpatient clinical space.


300 Cadman Plaza West

Brooklyn, NY 



Institute of Family Health



Geddis Architects



8,475 ft2

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