Energy Modeling Engineering Services

With Energy Modeling, we can estimate the total energy use in your building, and find out what systems are using the most energy.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

We calculate how to get you the lowest annual energy costs, saving you money each year.

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Determine Energy Costs of
Each System

We determine the energy cost of your HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems in order to identify which system is costing you the most.

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Highest Value for Minimum Cost

Using this information, we run multiple scenarios to get you the lowest costs without sacrificing any functionality of the systems.

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Our Energy Modeling Engineering Solutions 

Energy Modeling provides insight into how your building uses energy. We model the entire building with all its systems. This allows us to run multiple scenarios to balance the lowest construction cost with the lowest annual energy cost.

The estimated energy cost of using different windows, walls, roofs, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and plumbing systems can all be quantified. This is how we decide, for example, if adding wall insulation provides a shorter payback than installing a more efficient boiler or vice versa. We use several software packages to accomplish this including Equest, Trace, and Excel Models.

Energy Modeling is required for LEED certification. We model buildings in accordance with all LEED and ASHRAE procedures. We can model new or existing buildings.

We have expertise with a wide range of energy modeling engineering solutions. Know more about our industry-specific projects here.


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