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Improve Efficiency

Hiring a professional with expertise in lighting design will have a tremendously positive impact on improving the overall efficiency by utilizing the resources productively.

Drive Down Costs

Unwanted lighting in unneeded areas can increase project costs along with increasing utility bills. Our technicians can sort that out for you.

Enhance Aesthetics

Good lighting can have a positive impact on productivity. It can improve the overall outlook of your building and bring aesthetics to your interiors.

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Identifying needs and requirements


For achieving the overall best outcome in the installation of lighting, it is crucial to eliminate the tendency of rushing to luminaries. The most important decisions broadly determine what your system needs. Our professionals use structured design approach for this process.

Identifying different needs and requirements means to understand the purpose of the lighting system and what needs it is intended to achieve. Our professionals will only start working on the design after determining the demands of the clients.

Our team will try to find whether the client needs glare or illumination. It depends upon the mood of the space and its shape. Furthermore, it depends upon various things or areas that the client wants to highlight or emphasize on.

Another very critical aspect of the design is the direction of the artificial light and its interaction with the daylight. All these elements have a significant role to play in the design and therefore, our professionals try to identify each one of them.

Determining different lighting methods

The next step involves determining various methods that will suitably align with the identified requirements in the previous step. The most important question here is how the light should be delivered.  Whether the light needs to be recessed, direct/indirect, surface mounted, prismatic or is up-lighting, mellow lighting or low brightness going to work here! The use of daylight is critical here to minimize the usage of artificial light because it can significantly lower the costs.


Selecting the equipment for lighting

After selecting the method of lighting the next step is to find the right piece of equipment that will produce the required light. Our professionals will choose the light source by considering the following attributes,

  • Lifespan
  • Total wattage input
  • Lumens or light output
  • Light output per input (lumens per wattage)
  • The physical size of the light
  • Glare or surface brightness
  • Electrical and color traits
  • Needs of control gear
  • Compatibility with the current system in place
  • Operating environment suitability

There are various factors that also influence the choice of luminaries and they are listed as follows,

  • Properties of control gear and light source
  • Distribution of light
  • Control of glare
  • Size
  • Efficiency or the percentage of the light output of the fixture
  • Appearance and finishing
  • Thermal management
  • Ease of accessibility for maintenance
  • Aesthetics
  • The capability of handling the adverse operating environment

Evaluating the parameters and making adjustments

In addition to the photometric data for various luminaries and light sources available for assessments. There is a wide range of manual methods available to calculate various lighting aspects. There is a lumen method, the room index method and SHR method or space to mounting height ratio. Manual methods are used for double checking and enhancing accuracy.

However, to govern the project under the time frame it is important to use different computer programs and modeling techniques. Our professionals use 3-D modeling to work out various requirements of the systems and how they will be carried out. However, manual calculations are essential to determine light loss factor as well. Otherwise, it will be impossible to bring life to the model the computer program generated. 


Determining the control system

The control system has significant importance because without it the light won’t turn on adequately. Our professionals look for multiple switches so that a number of lights can be controlled with ease. It is essential because they need to identify the number of lights that can switch on at the same time. The control system also needs to be close to exits of the rooms.

Our professionals will also consider the options of installing smart light switches after discussing the need with the client. Smart lights can turn on or off on their own by detecting motion. Using solar powered light or dimmers for incandescent lights can prove to be energy efficient and our engineers will guide you on these options and how to use them productively. 

Choosing luminaries

Our expert professionals understand that the performance of luminaries is as important as their cost.  Properly designed and quality constructed luminaries will outperform their low-cost counterparts in the long run. The characteristics of top quality luminaries are,

  • Durable finishing
  • Quality electrical and mechanical design and construction
  • Proper screening of luminance to reduce glare
  • Adequate light distribution
  • High light output
  • Convenient installation and maintenance

Inspection of the system for issues

New York Electric Engineers understand the importance of lighting system and how it can influence the productivity in a workplace. Therefore, our professional experts will set a schedule for inspection to keep your lighting system free of any issues enabling it to work for a long time.

We will set the schedule without halting your business operations. We guarantee that there won’t be any issue with your lighting system but inspecting it on regular basis ensures that you don’t run into a problem that will again cost loads of money.   

New York Engineers realize that quality electrical lighting can have an impact on the productivity of a workplace. It also enhances the ambiance of the interiors and can highlight various aspects.

A top quality lighting system needs to be properly aligned with the needs and preferences of a workplace. However, it doesn’t need to press your budget and has to be efficient. Our engineers and designers develop models that meet the standards set by the NY Building Code.

To avoid all these issues you need to hire the services of a team of professionals that have years over expertise by completing numerous projects for a number of clients in the past. Reach out to use for an estimation today!

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