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Low Cost

Steam systems are the best alternative to other energy sources if you are looking to save cost.

High Efficiency

Our steam systems are highly efficient. We utilize high-level heat capacity of steam to power and direct it according to the system’s needs.

Expert Solutions

Our steam systems are designed to contain hazards. We design them to improve the process and frequently assess any issues beforehand.

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Why choose steam systems?

There are multiple performance benefits of steam systems. These benefits make them indispensable for delivering energy to your system. Some of the major advantages associated with using steam systems include the high capacity for heat, low toxicity, high efficiency and low cost as compared to other alternatives.

On the basis of unit mass, steam can hold a significant amount of energy. It ranges from 1000 to 1250 BTU/lb which can be converted into mechanical operations as heat or using a turbine.

Moreover, most of the heat content in steam is latent heat, therefore; it can be transported at the same temperature as well. Our technicians understand this and they customize the design according to the requirements of the customers. Above all, our professionals are highly trained to create any design model.

Services related to Steam System 

For the benefits of our client, we offer different maintenance services to our clients. These include:

  • Preparing for the mandatory and statutory annual inspection.
  • Preparing for the five-year statutory ultrasonic test of the system.
  • Maintenance of boiler valves and their renewal or refurbishment.
  • Repair and maintenance of boiler tubes and their renewal or refurbishment.
  • Maintenance of the smoke vents and chemical descaling of boilers and with their renewal and refurbishment.
  • Repair and maintenance of pressure vessels as well as their renewal and refurbishment.
  • Insurance inspection preparation of the pressure vessels using ultrasonic test procedures.
  • Maintenance of oil/gas burners along with stokers and their renewal or refurbishment as per the rules set by Division of Safety & Health Boards and Councils.
  • Maintenance of temperature and pressure gauges and their renewal or re-calibration.
  • Repair and maintenance of calorifiers along with the tube bundles and their renewal or refurbishment.
  • Renewal of any insulation or lagging.
  • Maintenance and repair of all ancillary equipment including calorifiers, feed tanks, plate heat exchangers, pipework, valves, pumps, pipework, platforms, and access ladders and their renewal or refurbishment.
  • Various other commissioning and testing services.

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Our MEP Engineers use their vast industry knowledge and expertise for installing, maintaining and repairing the steam systems of our clients.

Our professionals will meticulously set a schedule for maintenance and keep your systems performance and cost-efficient. The timings and budget for all testing and inspection work will be scheduled without disrupting your current operations. At New York Engineers we understand the demands of our clients.

One of the major issues with steam systems is that they are prone to steam traps. Our engineers make sure to assess such issues and prevent them in a timely fashion to reduce cost and manage time.

Therefore, we primarily focus on three methods of examining steam traps:

Steam-trap surveys

Regular surveys of steam-traps assist in reducing costs by highlighting different issues beforehand. Failed steam-traps can adversely impact system efficiency and raise safety concerns. Hence, frequent testing of these steam-traps can mitigate these problems and reduce costs along with preventing any hazards. New York Engineers can provide these surveys onsite by identifying and tagging each trap and evaluate its suitability for the overall operational efficiency.

Hot water assessment

For any steam system consistent hot water flow is essential, therefore, the hot water system needs to be at optimum all the time. Assessing the flow and convenient conversions are necessary for the whole system to function at its best. Therefore; our team of professionals assesses the flow of hot water and look for any issues before they can turn in to a costly endeavor.

Evaluating steam traps using wireless technology

Tagging each trap to identify its suitability for the system won’t mean much if the steam traps are not assessed and examined for their performance and productivity. Therefore, our engineers use wireless technology to assess the performance of these traps.

They will get real-time information about your system using different wireless monitors to look for any losses of energy, safety problems or production issues. Moreover, these technologies use sound and temperature measurements for identification of faltering steam traps and will notify our technicians immediately.


Steam System Optimization

The New York Engineers have a holistic approach towards optimizing your steam systems. This approach identifies various opportunities when it comes to improvements. Moreover, it enables us to unveil any potential issues or inefficiencies.

The report prepared from these assessments will enable us to estimate the Return on Investment and so much more. Our primary goal is to find an intelligent solution beyond maintenance and repair so that our clients can achieve their goals.


Management of System Utility

Our technicians ensure that they provide on-site turnkey installations and system utility solutions to our clients through customized engineering. Furthermore, to keep the budget under control, our professionals also provide the clients with various innovative financing choices.

At New York engineers we make sure to integrate groundbreaking services and technology for measuring, monitoring, and alerting to demonstrate the improved and unparalleled performance.


Approvals & Authorizations

One of the trickiest parts of building or construction related operation is, getting the state authorizations or Municipal approvals. Our professionals can get you through these as well. Whether you are looking to construct a new system or extend your current one, New York Engineers have got you covered.

Above all, we comply with all the requirements under the NY Building Code, NY Mechanical Code and NY Plumbing Code. Moreover, we provide all the services associated with the paperwork for our clients and they can only focus on the benefits that they need to form their systems.

You need to understand the fact that the installation of steam systems needs plenty of expertise and experience. Therefore, you need a quality MEP engineering team. The systems involve a network of pipes that need to be correctly installed and maintained to prevent any problems or hazards.

At New York Engineers we have a team of highly professional technicians and engineers who have plenty of knowledge and expertise in this MEP field. You can contact us for any queries or a request a proposal by clicking on the link given above.

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