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Prevent Property Damage

Our perfectly designed roof drains for all types of roofs will surely prevent property damage.

Save Maintenance Costs

Water leakage can incur maintenance costs to the homeowner. After every downpour you might have to repair and replace. Our roof designs will prevent this.

Protect Electrical Wiring

Our roof drains will ensure that no water leaks to tamper with your electrical wiring

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Roof Drains Installation Process

are well-rounded and experienced in a wide range of engineering projects in the United States; we ensure a fast turnaround, efficiency, and functionality in our services. Roof drain installation involves a network of pipes to be installed so as to divert water from the roof. We have a rich background in building designs, and so do we excel in roof designs.

Roof drains are roof-design dependent. As thus, we ensure that our installation is effective in preventing property damages, saving energy and maintenance costs, protecting wiring and preventing mildew growth.

Our installation is further made seamless by the cooperation that we have with various utilities to ensure that you get a complete plumbing system. We will see where that diverted goes to.

What Roof Drains Are the Best For Your Home?

, as the unmatched professionals in customized plumbing services, will assess your roofing and then suggest the best roof drain that can achieve the aforementioned benefits. As highlighted already, there are different roof designs such as flat and slope; each roof design requires its custom roof drain installation.

In providing you the best solution, we will strive to maximize energy efficiency, cut installation costs with the best MEP design services, and, most importantly, satisfy your needs.

Roof drains need a network of pipes to be installed by professionals. Contact us today to get the job done for you.

Why install roof drains?

National Centers for Environmental Information in the United States reports that millions of dollars are lost almost every year to disaster-related costs. In 2018 alone, there have been 6 weather disasters wherein 4 severe storms were involved in aggravating the damages. Such disastrous events are signs of inclement weather conditions ubiquitous in the United States. As thus, homeowners need to be vigilant and arm their homes with efficient and functional roof drainage systems. 

Roof drainage systems are essential to safeguard many households from the unexpected and costly water damages. Rainfalls occur every year and, if not properly rainproof, your house could be among the stats of damaged properties. Water can either penetrate your roof and ruin the interior furniture, or soak your foundation and weaken the basement. What will be the end result? Of course, a shattered home, which could have been prevented by installing roof drains.

There are many benefits associated with roof drains installation: prevent property damages, save maintenance/repair costs, save energy costs, prevent molds build-up, protect electrical wiring, and increase the value of your home. 

Prevent Property Damages 

Water damages are the worst enemies of perfectly designed and constructed buildings. Any building is incomplete without proper and efficient drainage system to divert water away from the house. If not attended to, water can make the walls wet, weaken the foundation, basements, lead to mold growth, and cause more related problems that could end up costing the homeowner exorbitant repair costs. 

Although many homes  especially the sloped designs  have gutters, these gutters can still be clogged by debris and trees nearby if there is no proper drainage system. A proper roof drain will allow maximum flow of water away from the property. Combine the perfectly installed gutters and the roof drains then you are safe from any rainfall damages notorious in the United States. However, since these drains involve a network of pipes that direct water to proper channels, qualified plumbers are a must-have. 

There are different types of roofs: sloped and flat. Nonetheless, they all require drainage systems, but in different designs. Sloped roofs are more advantageous since the drainage system can be installed at the sides while the gravitational force plays a huge part to direct the water to the roof drain. A flat roof design demands a unique solution, which qualified engineers can provide with ease.   

Save Maintenance Costs 

Roofs require a scheduled maintenance for their duration. An inefficient drainage system can prompt frequent maintenance and thus incur significant costs. To prevent this, roof drains can save more costs and lessen the frequency of maintenance. If water leaks into the interior, maintenance costs could skyrocket and could even include insulation and other major HVAC systems hence you need the drainage system urgently. 

Protect Electrical Wiring 

Water and electrical wires are the worst combinations in any building. The house might be set to fire if water drips to the exposed electrical wires, or one of the family members could face burns or even death. All these can be disastrous hence the homeowner needs efficient roof drains. 

Electrical wires could lead to corrosion or mildew growth if exposed to water over time. This could also cost the homeowner lots of money for repairs. Water damages are worse and need to be prevented at all costs by installing the drainage systems.  

Prevent Molds Growth

If water leaks into the interior house, it can lead to an accumulation of molds and mildew. The interior side of the building could, therefore, turn into a breeding ground. Eventually, family members can contract diseases by inhaling these molds, and so to safeguard the health of family members, one needs to install the drains so as to minimize any leakage.

Not only health is affected, but also clothes and furniture. The ventilation system in the house can exacerbate the molds problem by spreading it across the entire units.

Save Energy Costs 

When water enters the building, it could compromise the insulation. As a result, the house will be inefficient with insulation: it will lose the warmth in colder months and cool air in summer months. Such instances can prompt the homeowner to lose more on energy costs due to insufficient insulation exacerbated by water leakage, which is caused by lack of roof drains.

Increase the value of your home

Prospective buyers of homes are looking for value-added amenities or moderations to the building. The proper drainage system can add and increase the value to the home if intended to sell in future. Even when it’s time to renovate the home, no major refurbishments will be necessary as huge damages have been prevented by the roof drainage system.

There could be many benefits to install the drainage system for your roof in addition to the most important ones aforementioned. Also, note that you need to maintain the drains after installing them. Below are the steps you need to take into account to make sure you lengthen durability of the drains: 

  • Always inspect the drains for a potential risk of tree leaves clogging them. At least twice a year would be great
  • If the house is built under the trees, make sure the trees are trimmed regularly to prevent the leaves from clogging the drains
  • If there is a build-up of debris on the roof, remove it as soon as possible before it lends into the drainage system
  • After severe storms, inspect the roofs to ensure that the drains are still working efficiently. This could help you find out if it’s time to call plumbing services for drainage replacement.
  • Constantly inspect the gutters to see if there is any water build-up. It could be a sign that the drain got blocked.
  • Aim for large diameters of gutters to ensure the maximum of water during heavy rainfall.

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