Long John Silver's, VA


Long John Silver's owner was planning to open a new store in Staunton, Virginia. The building has another tenant who occupied the place with existing electrical, water, and sanitary services.

The client was looking for a low-cost design by utilizing the existing services.

Following were the challenges- 

  1. Being a franchised fast-food restaurant, maintaining better ventilation and avoiding foul odor in the kitchen area
  2. Easy maintenance and disposal of grease.

Long John Silver's


Our design team focused on and identified the ventilation issue and provided a dedicated exhaust fan for the kitchen to eliminate odor issues and maintain proper ventilation for the kitchen area.

A separate RTU was provided for dining space heating and cooling requirement. For the grease waste, we provided a pre-caste grease trap outside the store to cut down the cost, keep maintenance low and waste disposable easy.

We designed the MEP system in 2 weeks in compliance with Long John Silver's design standards and local code requirements which resulted in faster departmental approvals that helped the client to start the new store within time.

Scope includes plumbing, HVAC & electrical.

Area- 3000 sq. ft.

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