Ample Hills, NY


The project consists of renovating approximately 15,000 sq.ft., 2-floor warehouse space. This includes freezer and refrigerator rooms, food prep and production areas, dry storage, retail space, office space, employee areas, restrooms, warehouse space, a party room, and a conference room. New York Engineers designed all electrical, gas, water, and sanitary connections to process equipment provided to us. Process and refrigeration equipment information was shared with us by the architect of this project.

Ample Hills

About Ample Hills

Ample Hills Creamery, Inc. operates as an ice cream shop. The Company offers ice creams in small batches using fresh, local, all-natural milk, cream, and eggs. Ample Hills Creamery serves customers in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Ample Hills made ice cream history as the first to pasteurize on-site in New York City, making them a registered dairy plant and earning the nickname of “Brooklyn’s freshest.”

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