Net-Zero, NY

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat NYC has adapted the model to work in New York City's complex urban building environment. They acquire land and buildings from New York's City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development and other governmental agencies for a nominal fee. Professional architects design the buildings and professional contractors build the exterior shells to conform to the city's strict building code. Once the exterior is complete, volunteers and Habitat NYC homebuyers build the interiors and complete the finish work.

Net Zero

Modular Construction Methods

All 13 of these properties will be prefabricated offsite. The projects are designed to be to Net-Zero standards, and will aim to afford the occupants a net zero energy bill. The projects are expected to be completed in 2021.


MEP/FP Passive House Design

New York Engineers provided Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/Fire Protection design consulting for this project, and provided Construction Administration services. The project will also be certified to Passive House standards, to effectively reduce the heating and cooling loads within the buildings and provide a meaningful reduction in impact on their ecological footprints.

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