3 Tips to Hire a Right Engineering Firm for Franchise Design

Anuj Srivastava
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    Investing in a franchise business is a significant investment. It requires hiring engineering firms that could prioritize every next step involved in the design-build projects. Since replicating a franchise design involves its own challenges, needs, and apt scope of work, your search should ideally focus on hiring MEP engineers. 

    These engineers have an essential role to play in every franchise design rollout. Right from fulfilling the technical requirements to accomplishing commercial specifications, these professionals can easily cover a project from start to finish with the required specification. 

    Depending upon the nature of the operation, every new franchise rollout needs expertise when it comes to translating a commercial drawing into an MEP sample. The challenge is not only to keep construction limits in mind but also to focus on the building codes. This also includes cost estimation, designing fire protection and other safety systems, building automation while acting as a centralized source of managing information, and helping in assisting audits and project workflow. 

    Since marketplaces will offer you a plethora of options to hire the right MEP engineer, your search should ideally boil down to the prerequisites mentioned below.    


    1. Look out for Firms with Prior Franchise Fitout Experience

    Franchise businesses operate with their unique set of construction and operation modules. To bring justice to these modules, your selected firm must have experience in a similar space. Firms having established industry experience will make the designing, construction, execution, and even the operation and management of the resulting facilities much easier. 

    MEP engineers with prior experience in the franchise industry can easily handle construction, architecture, and property management issues, thus making it crucial to choose firms with franchise fitout experience.


    2. Select Firms having Technical Expertise

    MEP engineers are responsible for covering a broad spectrum of designing and construction services. To eliminate the scope of error they need to work with superior handheld tools, 3D modeling software, advanced construction equipment, etc. 

    Technical expertise goes a long way in translating experience into guidance required for an upcoming franchise fitout. Construction projects may require changes in the specification at various stages, which is easy to perform virtually with BIM software. In case, your selected firm is well-equipped with such technical prowess you can easily save additional expenses. 


    3. Choose Firms Familiar with Building Code & Law

    Building codes are the specifications meant to be followed with every new construction. These important sets of rules are as essential in construction as the foundation stone. While franchise manuals have the prerequisite to keep designing similar at every new store, the building code of a region may have a completely different set of rules. 

    Here comes the advantage of choosing firms familiar with building code & law. The MEP engineer assigned with the construction responsibilities can easily plan out a design that adheres not only to building code but also to the franchise specifications. 

    Additional Considerations to Keep in Mind

    It is significant to assess the technical know-how of an engineering firm. Additionally, it is vital also to keep the following tips in mind.

    • Checking reviews and company certification
    • Asking for references
    • Comparing prices quoted by different firms
    • Reviewing company portfolio 


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    Making the Final Cut

    Services from an experienced engineering firm will ensure the success of your project. The MEP engineer in charge of your project will make sure that the project takes a smooth transition from designing to reality. Engineers with prior experience in a similar space do have the required expertise to roll out a franchise design project much faster and with ease. 

    By following the basic tips mentioned here, your hunt for the right service will get you the required supervision. Additionally, it is better to opt for firms that offer one-stop-shop services for your requirements. 


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