How NY Engineers is Changing the Landscape of Franchise Designs

Anuj Srivastava
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    There are challenging franchise designs and then there are companies that do complete justice to such designs leaving a mark of their expertise.

    NY Engineers is one such company that has global recognition, a massive clientele of 90+ brands (and counting) and the firm is getting constant global recognition for its cutting-edge MEP franchise design services.

    Being a globally acknowledged state-of-the-art MEP franchise design company, NY Engineers has been innovating the way franchises are being designed and built.

    The company has taken some of the complex projects in one of the busiest global locations i.e. Times Square. The project involved working on a common duct space with a challenge to work without affecting the services of other stores.

    Our seasoned MEP professionals owing to their expertise and experience in similar services successfully delivered the work in the most affordable manner and within the shortest turnaround time.

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    Insights on NY Engineers Franchise Design Services

    We have worked on some of the most iconic stores for global brands including, 7-Eleven, Great Clips, Manyawar Mohey, KFC, Dunkin, Starbucks, Fit20, petvalu, and more. NY Engineers’ work has helped brands to set new standards for what’s possible in MEP franchise design services.

    NY Engineer’s MEP design experts take reference to design guidelines shared by the franchise brand and consider the location pattern (renovation or new construction) to help architects design MEP and FP systems as per the architectural floor plan shared.

    We ensure sharing the clash-free MEP design in Revit helping architects and contractors to plan tasks and complete the construction before schedule.

    For example- a QSR franchise may need a specific operating temperature for a cooking and dining area regardless if it needs new construction or renovation services.

    Based on their capacity and utility requirements, our MEP engineers can specify the installation of lighting fixtures and HVAC systems to achieve the prescribed condition and improve the overall aesthetics.

    As a pioneer MEP franchise design firm, we have a lot to offer. Being a preferred service provider for some of the leading franchises in healthcare, hotel, QSR, and other industries, we have been getting 80% first-time approvals from the franchises we have worked with.

    That makes it easy for us to get repeat clients. 97% of our customers consider us for giving repeat projects considering our designs as standards to follow.

    Transforming Franchise cost and Opportunities

    Our focus remains on delivering unique designs and services that change the essence of the franchise. This ideology sets us apart from the competition. Not only do we focus on uniqueness but also aim to deliver services within the shortest turnaround time in the industry which is of 2 weeks.

    Designing and coordination are the two main aspects that take up a lot of time. The design is always expected to be clash-free, as per the franchise guidelines and design standards for MEP and FP.

    This is where NY Engineers can help franchise owners with the shortest turnaround time, which never exceeds more than 14 days.

    We strive to finish projects on time. And for the same, we have been using a predefined step-by-step approach before taking up every franchise design project.

    The very first step comprises getting project requirements and floor plans from the clients followed by the 2nd step which is the design stage.

    The step comprises brainstorming on designs wherein our experts work on the designs as per franchise guidelines and local state codes.

    Our priority with every new project revolves around finding a unique solution to the challenges the MEP design experts experience while working. As a result, our step-by-step procedure helps us wrap up projects with a 50% faster turnaround time.

    The final stage in offering our MEP franchise design services is all about sending and delivering the MEP design set to the clients.

    We have a track record of finishing 99% of our projects on or before the time. As a result, the NY Engineer team, on average daily submits 2 new projects to the clients.

    Why do architects like to work with NY Engineers?

    • 50% Fastest turnaround time, as a result, 5x growth since 2020.
    • Services of franchise experts just a call away with the fastest turnaround time of 2 weeks.
    • On average submitting daily 2 new projects to the clients.
    • Experience in designing complicated projects that includes small roof, common duct space, busy spaces like Times square, Miami beach city center, etc.
    • Experience in franchise design for one of the biggest brands in the world including Chipotle, Wendy’s, My Salon, Citizens Bank, Go Carwash and more.
    • A track record of getting repeat work from 97% of customers.
    • Completed projects in many sectors- QSR, Retail, pet care, Fitness, etc.

    As a client-centric franchise design firm, NY Engineers ensures affordable, best-in-the-industry, and optimized services to clients.

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