Chicago Building Process

Michael Tobias
September 24, 2018
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    Although every building is different, you still need to tick off and understand essential stages to make it success, so you know what you need to do and build it right. 

    Bring us your ideas, we will listen and make some suggestions to iron out the details and convert your ideas into design drawings and head to the documents approval in order to start the construction bidding and finally we will construct it for you with exacting standards and highest quality materials.



    mep design

    Bring us your ideas, we will listen and make some suggestions to iron out the details and convert your ideas into design drawings and head to the documents approval in order to start the construction bidding and finally we will construct it for you with exacting standards and highest quality materials.

    The Engineering design process shall be flexible enough to provide more than one solution to match the client requirements and to provide also to provide the best value engineering without violating Chicago building codes.
    We design mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering systems that turn end users’ ideas into functional design plans for all types of construction buildings such as residential buildings, governmental buildings, educational buildings, healthcare campuses...etc.
    Beside being aware with Chicago building codes we are utilizing the latest Software Engineering programs in the design such drafting applications like AutoCAD and REVIT and discipline applications like DiaLux for lighting lux calculations, HAP application for HVAC calculations …etc.
    We partner with you to understand goals, acknowledge current demands, and anticipate future needs for a new or changing facility, and then develop a sustainable design needed to make the building work specifically for you. 


    Approvals at Chicago Department of Buildings

     The next important step after setting the design and beforeshutterstock_120603886 beginning construction works is getting approvals at the Chicago department of buildings or having buildings permits that ensure construction work complies  with the minimum standards of safety established by the Chicago Building Code in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

    You may think not applying for a building permit helps shave costs, and you'd be right—and wrong. Skipping permits means you won't have access to your local building inspector, somebody who knows all the codes and can ensure your project is in compliance. That translates to the utmost safety for you, your family, or building tenants.
    The real intent of building codes is to make sure your house is safe and healthy. Not conforming with codes could even cost you when you decide to sell your home—a sharp-eyed inspector undoubtedly will spot violations that shrink your asking price or tank a potential sale altogether.

    Our MEP Engineering experts are fully aware and utilizing Chicago building codes related to the electrical, fire prevention, mechanical & plumbing sections to gain the building permits. 

    Construction Bidding:

    After gaining the approvals from Chicago department of buildings our  professional teamshutterstock_1023439480 will begin the construction bidding process starting from drafting the RFP including project introduction, description, scope of work, budget, project schedule, performance requirements, technical proposal requirements, roles and responsibilities of the project team members, evaluation criteria, contract terms and conditions, RFP timeline and review process. As soon the RFP is settled and reviewed by the project committee we will distribute it with the selected provides/contractors in coordination with the project client and coordinate responses and answer bidder questions till receiving the project contractor submissions.
    The most important part in this step is reviewing the received submissions and awarding the contract based on several factors such as:
    1-Corporate capability.
    2- Reference projects done by the corporate.
    3- Price.
    4- Service delivery.
    5- Quality.
    6- Time.
    Finally after awarding the contract and the contract is signed we will prepare the documentation of award preparation and notify the non-winners to start the construction process.


    The construction stage begins, the next step is to move everything onto the construction site and set it all up.
    Contractors progress payment schedule will start too for work completed during agreed portions of times when they meet certain milestones. And the customer will have many concerns that needs to be sure all are in the right way .
    We can handle all services during construction for you as follows:
    1- Evaluate and monitor the performance of the contractors.
    2- Monitor the coordination of the works by the contractors.
    3- Facilitate information flow between various parties
    4- Monitor the processing of submittals in a timely fashion.
    5- Attend meeting as required to review all aspects of the works
    6- Monitor the progress reports and updates from the consultant and contractor
    7- Review of contractual correspondence and highlighted areas of concern.
    9- Monitor the performance of all parties with regard to time through regular review of the baseline program covering all aspects including design, client approval, nomination, certification approval for materials and drawings, inspections and construction,.
    10- Monitor budget performance and change performance and change management review and recommend variations.

    This will insure your project is done with highest quality, less time and at minimum cost.

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