Fire Protection Engineering - Challenges & Their Solutions

Anuj Srivastava
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    Fire protection system helps to save lives and defend valuable resources such as equipment, property, and data. Therefore, if the equipment of fire protection fails to operate at an optimal level then it will waste a lot of money and resources. You’ll get to know some basic problems related to Fire Protection Engineering, evaluate the problem’s nature, and solutions related to them.

    1. Inadequate Gas Turbine Testing in Gaseous Fire Prevention Systems

    There are some major concentrations essential to extinguish flames. Every type of gas has a different concentration design such as theoretical concentration and safety factors. A tight space is mandatory so that a gas concentration can accumulate. It is difficult to keep the gas turbine generator enclosures tight due to this reason. The engineer disassembles them, therefore; the equipment should be repaired, maintained, and removed.

    To conquer this problem, the engineer should have to increase the agent gas supplies. This will give extensive agent discharge to compensate for agent failure.

    2. Operational Failure of Sprinkler System

    The National Fire Protection Association has some high standards in place to comply with the supplies of water. In the fire protection service, a water supply must have both adequate and reliable supplies. The adequate means supply water with a high flow rate or high pressure. The problem arises when a water supply system supplies the water to many fire protection systems at once.

    The best solution to this problem is the efficient design of a fire protection system. It should be good enough to gauge the water pressure demand for multiple systems. This can be done by simply choosing the diameter of the nozzle and pipe segments that control the friction losses.

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    3. Unreliable Supply of Water and Fire Protection Engineering

    The water supply system consists of a body of water that delivers water with a high flow rate. The electric generation station includes multiple connections to public waterworks or a private system that has multiple fire pumps or a suction source. If water is not reliable that means the availability of water in adverse situations like freeze conditions, mechanical issues, and much more.

    To overcome this problem, a company should have redundant water supplies such as a lake or a river, as a reliable source. Routine testing and maintenance also affect the reliability of water. Therefore, proper maintenance is required and refills the backend water sources from time to time.

    4. Steam Turbine-Generator with a Substandard Protection Performance

    The improper design and installation caused a significant break to a turbine generator. Yet plenty of documented cases are studied where a failure of fire protection system destroyed multiple generation units and some plants permanently shut down.

    According to research, a properly designed and installed fire protection system helps to give protection to the turbine generator from fire-induced losses and decreases the loss potential and lost income because of forced outages. A good design system should integrate with an automatic system for pre-action directional water spray.

    5. Protection by Cooling Tower

    In the construction, the appearance of fiber-reinforced plastics has led in the cooling tower and several manufacturers think that this plastic is noncombustible as well as the tower also does not require automatic protection by the sprinkler. The plants and the assets are not safe because the fire protection engineers haven’t used an adequately designed system to provide safety.

    Fire protection engineering and design to act as a control system and as specialized structural design needs more expertise and knowledge. The properly designed and installed system has given benefits to the plant, its employees, and the owner as well for many years.

    As a result, it is mandatory to use fire protection systems with proper designs and installation. The fire protection engineering service providers must follow the safety standards. There should be a proper water supply in both adequate and reliable manners. An adequate water supply means sprinkling water with the highest pressure and a reliable water supply means the availability of water at all times. Security standards recommend proper maintenance and routine testing for all systems.

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